Spanking children are useless and harmful

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Educating and disciplining children is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks facing a parent who often does not know how to handle the whims and disobedience of the little ones.

Today, however, we know one thing: we must not resort to spanking. Not only because a spanked child will no longer be inclined to obey, but also because as he grows up he may develop antisocial behavior, aggression, mental health problems and cognitive difficulties.

This is supported by an American research from the University of Texas and Michigan, published in the Journal of Family Psychology.

The scholars have examined 50 years of research on the subject, which involved 160 children overall.

This large study also found that spanking is of no use at all to educate and discipline as parents would like.

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"We found that spanking is associated with unintended negative outcomes and not with the discipline with which parents try to educate their parents in the short or long term.
children, "explains one of the authors of the study, Elizabeth Gershoff.


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But despite this, spanking is still widely used as an educational method and according to a 2022 Unicef ​​report, 80% of mothers and fathers in the world use them, which, as scholars point out, puts development and development at risk
behavior of children.

"As a society we think that spanking and physical abuse are different behaviors, however our research shows that the spanking is linked to the same negative outcomes in children as abuse, only to a slightly lesser extent "concludes Gershoff.

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