Spannolinare: how to do it, how long it lasts

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There are some events that change your life forever: a new job, a move, a wedding, a child. Among them, says the American blogger of the Huffington Post Brooke Arellano, there is also the ... spannolinamento.

Here, in a fun article, are the 5 truths that no one has ever told about what it really means take a baby out of a diaper.

When to remove the diaper?

First of all, assess if the baby is ready. There are those who start using the potty from the age of 2 (usually girls), while others do not do so until they turn three (often boys). First of all ask yourself: can follow simple instructions? Can he walk and sit? Can you take off your pants and put them back on? Try not to pressure them if they are not ready, insisting will only be counterproductive. Also it is necessary that children learn a understand what they need to do when their bladder is full. Having acquired this awareness, they will be able to hold their pee until they find the right place to "let go". The right time can also be summer because you undress more easily, you can go around the house even with only a panty and therefore avoid getting wet pants, briefs, socks and shoes, with consequent displeasure of the child.

How to remove the diaper?

Things to do:

  • keep calm and smile a lot
  • allow the child to accompany you to the bathroom
  • make him drink often
  • allow him to walk around naked from the waist down when you are at home
  • put on his pants with the elastic when you go out
  • physically express praise with kisses and caresses
  • sincerely believe that the child will be able to cope
  • write down the time when he usually goes to the toilet
  • use both toilet / potty before leaving and when returning
  • remember that accidents are unwanted
  • interrupt the program if the baby is not ready

Things not to do:

  • show frustration
  • insist on the subject
  • tell the child "everyone we know no longer wears a diaper"
  • keep telling him "you're a big baby, you shouldn't have a diaper anymore"
  • persistently ask him "do you want to pee?"
  • express disappointment in the event of an accident
  • grimacing in disgust when you empty the potty
  • overdo it with praise
  • continue the program if the child is not psychologically ready

What you need to remove the diaper

Here the real program can start. The supertata says you will need:

  • several pairs of shorts with elastic and a long shirt;
  • no important appointment for three days
  • fun cups and bottles to encourage the baby to drink
  • calm and serenity.

Of course, the baby must be well and you must be able to spend the whole day with him.

At this point, start talking about it together, buy a booklet on the subject and read it together, 

When you get home, take off the nappy and let the baby circulate in a slightly long shirt. Arrange the potty (or potties) and put a booklet or a toy next to it. Keep them there, they will serve to distract him. While playing, make it drink often. When he has been playing for about fifteen minutes, remind him where the potty is. Then ask him, "Where do you pee if it escapes?" When he replies, praise him: "Bravo!" It is useful to keep an eye on the schedules to understand how often the child needs to pee.

It is normal that the first attempts do not go well and that there are "accidents along the way".

When you realize that the baby is about to poop, say it. "I think you need to poop. Let's go sit on the potty and read a story." Leave the baby alone and quiet. If the child gets up from the potty or calls you to go on with the story, he or she is not ready. Forget it.

Hurray did it!

Celebrate the child but do not overdo or embarrass him.


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In this article

  • It is not really a walk in the park 
  • You will spend more
  • What is a toilet?
  • You will be obsessed with the toilet
  • You only talk about peeing and puppetry
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1. It's not really a walk in the park

You thought it was easy, but it really isn't.

At first you will feel gassed: finish the struggles to change the diaper, while imagine the little one sitting on the colorful potty smiling happily at you. You will soon realize that these are just fantasies of an imaginary world where children happily go to bed at eight in the evening and where they eat healthy vegetable dishes with appetite ...
Here, in the real world, switching from diaper to potty is not exactly a piece of cake.

2. You will spend more

First of all, don't think you are really saving. Yes, okay, you will no longer spend tens of euros a month on diapers, but where do you think the money saved will end up? In beauty creams for you? These are also fantasies!
You will spend it all on the promised toys in exchange for a poop in the potty.
Without even realizing it you will find yourself saying phrases like "Love, if you poo in the potty, mom will buy you a new box of lego ..."


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3. What is a toilet?

The answer to this question is obvious to you. It is not, however, for a two-year-old boy who has just started the grooming.
For a child, in fact, there can be many toilets in the house. For example: a suitcase, a new pair of shoes, a crystal vase, the dog bowl ... and who knows what else.

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4. You will be obsessed with the toilet

You will become a different person than you were before you started it spannolinamento.
You will find yourself asking your child every three minutes if he should go to the bathroom, he will come the obsession of mapping all the bars with a comfortable toilet in the park area, you will sing "Run, run on the potty, my sweet child": a terrible song invented by you to stimulate him to go to the bathroom ...

Then, at a certain point, looking at yourself in the mirror you will ask yourself: "What am I doing?" ...

We hope you can stop before uploading your song to Youtube ...


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5. You only talk about peeing and puppetry

In a short time you will find yourself talking only about pee and poo. You will constantly ask your little one if he runs away from him. And you will rejoice when his needs come to fruition in the potty. But beware: as incredible as it may seem to you, the rest of the world doesn't care that your little Tommy pooped in the potty!

It will take the patience of a saint, the dedication of an Olympic athlete, and maybe even a couple of strong cocktails. But then the results come. It can be a long and tedious process, but in the end there always comes a time when you will let the little one manage their needs. And you will go back to being a normal person!

Taking off the diaper: when is the right time?

  • With the arrival of summer and the warm season, many parents think it is the most practical time to start remove the diaper.
    First of all we need to specify one thing: the diaper should be removed when the time is right!
    Generally we talk about 18-24 months, but every child has his own times.  
  • In order to remove the diaper, babies need to learn how to understand what they have to do when they feel their bladder full and know how to handle pee. When the baby learns to know when the bladder is full, he has arrived the right time to remove the diaper!
  • Caution: Don't scold children when they get wet - grooming is a long way. Children must be followed and encouraged in this process and not scolded! 
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Questions and answers

How do I know if my baby is ready for nursing?  

There are some signs that help you understand that the time for spannolatura has arrived:

  • more and more often, at the time of the change, you find the diaper dry
  • the child observes with increasing curiosity the members of the family who go to the bathroom
  • the child himself asks to use the potty or toilet

Does the diaper take off day and night at the same time?  

Night and day spannolination are two very different phases. If during the day the "will" of the child is decisive, at night the control of the sphincters must mature spontaneously with growth. For this it is possible that the night diaper will remain for a while longer.

Is it better to potty or reducer?

At first, the child may not like sitting on the toilet, albeit with the reducer, due to the height of the toilet: if you can get a potty, it will favor his autonomy. 

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  • remove the diaper
  • go to the bathroom
  • 1-2 children years
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