Sports in pregnancy: what can you do and what rules to follow

Sports in pregnancy: what can you do and what rules to follow
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Sports in pregnancy

Those who have always been sports, even when they discover they are expecting a baby, feel the need to continue practicing sports in pregnancy; the sedentary 'hardened' ones, on the other hand, are careful not to start moving right now, believing that it is more prudent to stay calm and at rest.

"But pregnancy is not a disease and you shouldn't behave as if you were sick" underlines Rossana, gynecologist in Genoa and professor of the Paesena Nuoto Federation. "British gynecologists understood this already at the time of the industrial revolution, after noting that future working-class mothers experienced fewer pathologies during the nine months than pregnant women who did not move a finger for fear of harming the fetus! in pregnancy it is necessary to adapt the training to your state, but if the gynecologist gives the green light, practicing a sport activity provides significant benefits to the future mother ".

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The benefits of sports during pregnancy

In fact, doing physical activity maintains muscle tone, in particular of the paravertebral muscles, which help the back to support the weight of the belly. It also promotes blood circulation by preventing swelling and heaviness of the legs and prevents the risk of trauma such as sprains or tendonitis to which the pregnant woman is more exposed.

Not only that: moving helps to keep weight under control and stimulates the release of hormones that give a good mood not only to the mother but also to the fetus. Finally: having a trained body allows you to meet the fatigue of childbirth with more 'agility'.

In summary, the benefits of sports during pregnancy include:

  • Back pains decrease
  • Lighter and stronger legs
  • Weight under control, for mom and baby
  • Greater well-being for both
  • Having a trained body allows you to go towards an easier birth
  • Easier recovery after childbirth
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The checks before starting and the rules to follow

First di start doing sports, whatever it is, it is advisable to first speak with the gynecologist who has the complete picture of the health of the pregnant woman and can identify any contraindications. With the doctor's go-ahead, it is possible to practice sports that were done before pregnancy, even in the first trimester, as long as it is at a slower pace (those who did not do sports are better off waiting for the second trimester).

During pregnancy, in fact, the woman has an increase in the heartbeat because oxygenation and the amount of blood in circulation increases since she has to provide for two. In general it can be said that you should not exceed 130-150 beats per minute.

Here are what checks to do and the rules to follow to play sports during pregnancy

  • Check your heart rate
  • When exercising, you don't have to go out of breath, so if you feel out of breath, slow down or stop for a while
  • Stop immediately if you experience abdominal pain, which could signal excessive uterine contractility
  • To appreciate the results of your training, it is advisable to practice activities about two to three times a week
  • Feed right
  • Keep an eye on hygiene in the gym and in the pool.

"Any activity you want to undertake must always be authorized by the gynecologist, because there may be conditions, of which you are not aware, that can prevent or limit physical activity - underlines the gynecologist Rossana -. It is also important to be followed by an instructor who, if you are already a sportsman, who will be able to suggest any changes to your training, if you are a novice, will be able to indicate the right training for you and verify the correct execution of the exercises ".

Which sports should be avoided and which are recommended during pregnancy

Which sports to avoid and on the most suitable ones?

  1. First general rule: all sports are good except those that have a high risk of falling or that involve hand-to-hand contact which could lead to very dangerous trauma to the abdomen. Activities that involve running or jumping are also not recommended because they can increase uterine contractility.
  2. Second general rule: those who already played sports before getting pregnant can, with the doctor's green light, continue their activities albeit at a slower pace and avoiding risky situations. On the other hand, those who did nothing before pregnancy should avoid starting a new activity right now: this is not the time to learn new techniques. Better to engage in easy-to-learn activities such as water aerobics, yoga or simply walking at a brisk pace.

When no physical activity should be exercised for nine months

What are the contraindications to sports during pregnancy?

No to sport in case of abortion threat, placenta previa, uterine hypercontractility, fetal growth retardation: these are the cases in which it is better to avoid physical activity in the nine months. On the other hand, there are pathologies related to pregnancy, such as diabetes or moderate hypertension, which can even improve with physical activity.

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