Spring birth list, what to buy

Spring birth list, what to buy


Estimated date of delivery between March 21 and June 21? How wonderful! It doesn't take long to have your puppy in your arms! What you need is a great spring birth list. The moment is perfect: pregnancy is now well under way, the baby bump is growing and you have a few months to be able to take care of the preparations for the happy event. What do you need? Just a few good tips for making the right purchases.

The spring birth list

It's not very hot yet, but spring temperatures can be very pleasant. Excluding March which is the "crazy" month par excellence and therefore can still reserve some nasty surprises such as a sudden downpour, depending on where you live, spring is the most pleasant time of the year. 

Compared to the winter birth list, the fabrics can therefore lighten a little and there is no need to wrap the baby up to leave the house. Of course, the old strategy of dressing even children "onion", with multiple layers of clothing, is always successful, because the weather may not be completely stable yet. If you take a tour of the park and you notice that you are sweating in the sun, it takes a moment to take off one or more clothes. 

As for the fabrics, chenille is still good in the first part of spring, especially in the more northerly regions and in particular at night, when the thermometer still goes down a little. However, as summer approaches, even the little ones dress lighter: green light for cotton!

And now let's move on to creating your birth list!

Spring birth list: clothing 

The main advice is the same for any birth list made at any time of the year: try to keep the enthusiasm in check and do not overdo the purchases. First of all because many things will be given to you, but also for the fact that the growth of newborns in the first months is very fast. The risk is therefore not to have time to use the dresses that you already have to switch to the next size. 

An indispensable garment for the little ones are the leotards. They are very useful because they protect from the cold, from blows of air or from sudden changes in temperature. In spring you can switch from long sleeve ones (they are also a little uncomfortable to wear) to short sleeves. Choose them in cotton and remember to avoid synthetic fibers: they do not allow the very delicate skin of newborns to breathe well. When it comes to comfort, open front leotards are unmatched. 

Space then for the onesie, whole or broken that are of little importance: for several months they will be the main garment of your puppies' outfit. Again, the best fabric is cotton. Especially after April and in milder regions, warm cotton may feel a little too heavy. Sweating often contributes to a good cold. 

Spring birth list, what to buy

If you like split rompers, which therefore leave the little feet uncovered, top it all off with a pair of cotton shoes. They are light and practical, so much so they are not used for walking, but more as a nice accessory. Always use socks underneath. And if the baby feels hot, you can leave him alone with these, taking off the shoes instead. 

Trendy tip for mothers who love fashion: have you ever noticed how beautiful babies are with sweatshirts? Real heartbreakers! You can pair it with sweatpants or soft jeans. Irresistible.

Spring birth list: purchases for bedtime

With the arrival of the more temperate season, even the bed must obviously be lightened. For the winter we had suggested heavy products, which would keep the children warm while they sleep. Now, for example, cotton sheets will be used instead of flannel ones, which heat up much more. On the market there are beautiful suits that include bottom sheet (prefer it with corners), top sheet and pillowcase. You do not need the latter: in the first months the pillow is not necessary. 

Spring birth list, what to buy

The duvet, a sweet companion on cold nights, can now be replaced by a blanket. A very comfortable and warm material at the right point is muslin, which always comes from cotton. If it seems to you that it doesn't heat up enough, fold it back on itself, in order to guarantee more warmth. Even in the hospital they will probably ask you to bring one for the birth. Find out about the temperature of the department, so as to choose the most suitable fabric. 

A good alternative to duvets and blankets is the sleeping bag in which to put the baby to sleep. It is especially useful if you have a habit of moving around a lot during sleep and therefore of uncovering. For spring, especially late spring, it must not be excessively padded. Look for the right model. 

Spring birth list: products for walks

We always say it: children must stay out even in winter because the cold does not make them sick. Right. But how much better is it to be able to go out with the sun, the trees filling with leaves and the meadows in bloom? Definitely another thing! So, for the children arriving in spring, you also need the right purchases to go for a walk with mum and dad. 

Let's start with the light stroller. Thanks to the use of comfortable reducers, the most modern models can be used almost from birth without running the risk of causing damage to the back. The core value of these products is that they fold and fold with incredible ease, taking up very little space in the trunk of the car. Several options are available. 

Spring birth list, what to buy

One of the elements that must not be missing is the anti-insect net. With the warmth of spring also flies, mosquitoes, bees and gnats awaken. Mosquito nets therefore become important to prevent the baby from being disturbed by insects during a nap while you are out for a walk. But regardless of this it is always an extra protection.

The other essential accessory is the rain cover, that sort of waterproof sheet which, placed on the stroller, covers the baby and prevents it from getting wet. And considering that in spring it can always happen that suddenly it starts raining better to be ready. Not all strollers come with it, so look for a universal model that you can use on yours. Good walk!

Spring birth list: products for mothers in the hospital 

The last point we want to dedicate to the suitcase for the birth of you mothers. As you know, each hospital provides a list of what is needed and even then some products change according to the season. For example, the fabrics are different between winter and summer, just like for babies. 

An example for all: the nightgown. In most cases, open-front models are preferred. They are more practical from several points of view, for example to allow doctors to visit you and to breastfeed comfortably. Cotton is the best fabric for the spring period. You just have to decide whether to take long-sleeved or short-sleeved nightgowns: it depends on you, but also on the hospital (find out about heating). 

Spring birth list, what to buy

Even the dressing gown it doesn't have to be overly heavy. You will need it to move in the corridor or, if you are already able to get up, to welcome visiting relatives (obviously Covid permitting). There are various models (for example buttoned or simply with the belt) and fabrics. If you want to be a little more chic, look for a dressing gown that matches the nightgown.

For the hospitalization for the birth, you absolutely cannot do without slippers. For flip-flops or rubber slippers it's still a little bit early. Moreover, they are not so indicated. It is true that you do not need to be elegant (you are always in the hospital), but classic slippers are a little more suitable. Indulge yourself with patterns and materials. And don't forget the socks. Short and cotton will do just fine. 

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