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How the stick persona works

The Persona test detects the amount of the hormone LH, which is produced by the pituitary and which increases dramatically 24-48 hours before ovulation. Compared to simple ovulation sticks, the computerino helps to better interpret the test result, thanks to the various colors that appear on the monitor.

After setting the data relating to your cycle on the computer, in fact, the device will calculate which are the green days, i.e. the days in which you are not fertile, the red days, which are those in which the probability of becoming pregnant is highest, and the orange days, i.e. those in which it is necessary to carry out a urine test to know if you are on a 'green' or 'red' day; when the LH reaches its peak, that is, it is 24-36 hours after ovulation, in addition to the red color, an oocyte pattern appears: that is the day of maximum fertility.


The urine test is the same as all ovulation sticks: the swab is put under the urine stream (or immersed in a clean container), then a protective cap is inserted and the stick is connected to the computer, which after a few minutes will process the response.

Thanks to the various colors, Persona is able to warn that you are entering the fertile period even before the quantity of LH is such that it can be detected by the ovulation stick.

"And this is an important fact, because you can get pregnant not only in the 24 hours of ovulation, but also in the 3-4 days before" observes the gynecologist Rossana: "the spermatozoa, in fact, a few days before can slip into the crypts of the cervix and refresh themselves with the substances that the cervical mucus produces in this phase, and then resume, well 'nourished', their journey towards the fallopian tubes, where, on the day of ovulation, they will meet the oocyte coming from the 'ovary ". And it is here that only one of the spermatozoa could be able to insert its head into the wall of the oocyte and fertilize it.



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When used correctly, the test has a 99% reliability; however, the reliability decreases if you are close to menopause or if you have a very irregular cycle.

The cost of the Persona stick is quite high (about 150 euros), but it can be used every month until you get pregnant (just buy the sticks), and in the future it could also be used as a contraceptive.

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