Stress in the family: here's how to fight it


When mom and dad are stressed out it is perfectly normal that too children they are directly affected by the not too serene climate.

Many families often find themselves in this situation - on the other hand, the rhythms of modern society do not help - but for find serenity, at least within the walls of the home, it is important that the "stress" issue is faced head on.

In this regard, the WebMD site proposes a list of very common problems, which however can be solved with some targeted measures.

All always in a hurry

Between school, work, extra-curricular activities, shopping and various commitments, the whole family can turn into one bomb of "nervous breakdown"ready to explode. Such a situation could also lead to the adoption of unhealthy lifestyles like a bad and excessive diet.

SOLUTION: try to carve out a space, even a few tens of minutes, in which the whole family can sit down and think of nothing but relax, perhaps leafing through a magazine or chatting about this and that.

If extra-curricular activities are too stressful, you can choose to make a selection of the most important ones. Is shopping stressful? You can do it online and have it brought directly to your home. Is the school demanding? Let's sit around a table and understand how to support your children (without replacing them).

Lack of sleep

Lack of rest can alter metabolism and promote a sedentary lifestyle and / or excessive consumption of food.

SOLUTION: all in bed at specific times, so that everyone can satisfy their sleep needs (from 10 to 11 hours for children, from 8 to 10 hours for children, at least 8 hours for adults).


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Money problems

Discussions regarding the possible economic problems they can also stress our children, who understand very well when something is wrong (perhaps due to conversations between parents or the lack of small vices that could have been allowed before).

SOLUTION: involve even the little ones in the matter, of course, without burdening them too much with the weight of the situation.

Explain constructively that some sacrifices will have to be made while at the same time proposing alternative solutions to keep the situation acceptable.

ES: "This year we can't go on a trip, but let's organize something fun here at home."

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Le heated discussions between parents also affect the attitudes of younger children.

SOLUTION: speak openly with your children and remind them that everyone quarrels; the important thing is to find a solution to the problems.

Stressed parents, stressed children

Children take us as a role model, so they react to stressful situations imitating our behaviors when we are angry or irritable.

SOLUTION: Show the little ones that you can manage pressure and stress without going into a rage. It will be good for you and it will be good for your children.

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Just friends

After the age of 7-8, school and friends become an important component in a child's life. Relational problems and cases of bullying therefore turn into the primary sources of stress for our children.

SOLUTION: we pay close attention to what they tell us and, if we become aware of the existence of suspicious attitudes, let's investigate on the possible causes of the malaise.

The same goes for school: if the child manifests problems in the study, let's encourage him to take a positive approach towards school commitment, but at the same time we seek the reasons behind these difficulties (little desire to study? Wrong educational method? Problem with the environment? ...).


Also having nothing to do can be stressful for people who, due to their age, are eager to understand, move and play. Too much inactivity could also lead to kids spending too much time in front of video games.

SOLUTION: program some school activities (without exaggerating!) that keep the little one busy that hour after the bell rings. Also it would be good limit use of tablets, PCs and video games for less than two hours a day!


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Routine changes

Especially when children are small, changing a habit can be confusing for our children.

SOLUTION: Try to establish gods fixed points during the day: a ritual, a bedtime story or a family dinner, which also helps to learn a correct food "order". This will help the children to calm down.

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