Stretch marks in pregnancy, tips to prevent them

Preventing stretch marks in pregnancy is the password. Senohipsabdomenbuttocks e thighs. They are the favorite targets of another nightmare for pregnant women: the stretch marks. You have to keep in mind that your body undergoes notable changes: the belly that grows, the breast which increases in volume, i chili more. All ideal conditions for the "nice" whitish streaks!

Abdominal tension, along with the hormonal changes and the low elasticity of the skin, determine the appearance of stretch marks in pregnancy which, initially, are reddish in color. They are due to the weakening of the connective tissues, the elastic fibers of which undergo a tensiontoo strong, they yield and are unable to return as before.

And unfortunately, we have to give you bad news: once they are formed, the stretch marks they hardly go away. There prevention therefore it is fundamental.

Dear moms, here are the "golden rules":

  •  drink at least 2 liters ofwater a day: the hydration of our body and the elasticity of ours skin they start from within;
  • follow the eating style recommended by gynecologist or from the nutritionist: try not to take chili too fast and you prefer alimony like fruitcereals e vegetables rich of Vitamins e mineral salts useful for making the skin hydrated, toned and elastic;
  • keep regular intestinal functions;
  • buy gods bras suitable for pregnancy with wide shoulder strap and pancerine that support theabdomen (they won't be sexy, but better to have them stretch marks?);
  • applied twice a day, in the areas most at risk, a good product against stretch marks. On the market there are many, more or less effective, but constancy and method in application is essential: do not rush and pamper yourself with massages delicate;
  • associated with the specific cream a oil with elasticizing properties such as that of sweet almonds, of calendula or, more simply, of olive. Another remedy is the cocoa butter: if massaged daily on buttocksbelly e breast until the birth of the child, thestretch marks they will be almost non-existent.

To prevent the stretch marks in pregnancy there is also another attack strategy. In fact, there are some supplements which can be a very valuable weapon. The most recent and effective ones, for example, contain some substances which can help you avoid stripes whitish on the skin: hydrolyzed collagen e hyaluronic acid low molecular weight.

These substances are already naturally present in ours body and are key to good health of connective tissues, including joints e skin. The progressive aging however, along with other factors such as exposure to Sun, can decrease the concentration of these substances and it is therefore necessary to resort to supplements.

After giving birth and after having regained the ideal weight, in case of stretch marks, you can use the laser which, in most cases, guarantees a significant decrease in streaks. Rely on your hands experts, contacting one specialist in aesthetic medicine or dermatology.

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