Stretch marks in pregnancy: what they are and prevention

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How to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy

Unsightly and very hated by women, the stretch marks are caused by hormonal factors, from the smoke or rapid weight gains or decreases, and pregnancy (especially months six to eight) is one of the easiest times to form. Let's see together when they appear and how prevent him choosing the right vegetable oils and creams.

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How to recognize stretch marks

In the dossier of the Ministry of Health we read that stretch marks, also known as striae atrophicae o striae distense, they are a very frequent manifestation characterized by atrophy, reduction of skin thickness. Stretch marks look like single or multiple linear bands, well defined, parallel to each other, separated by sections of healthy skin.

From the histological point of view, it is scars caused "by the fracture of collagen fibers in the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin".

Abdomen, hips e you are the sites most affected by the formation of stretch marks.

When do stretch marks in pregnancy

When do stretch marks come out and why do they appear?

Erseida Arra, aesthetic doctor of the Santagostino Medical Center in our city explains that in many cases, the skin is not sufficiently elastic to deal with the increase in volume caused by gestation so, due to a reduced amount of collagen and the breakdown of elastic fibers, are formed stretch marks.

As reported in the dossier dedicated to stretch marks in pregnancy by the Ministry of Health, "more than 50% of pregnant women suffer from stretch marks", generally young women and those in their first pregnancy are more affected. Even if you have seen stretch marks appear on your body during puberty, you may be more at risk.

And the main problem is that, once formed, they can no longer be erased. That's why the prevention is critical.

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Oils and creams: which ones to choose

The doctor explains that: "In the pharmacy you can find excellent anti-stretch mark creams (with moisturizing active ingredients, such as vitamin E, and elasticizing agents, such as boswelic acid) to be applied daily on the areas most subject to volume increases: from the belly to the hips, from the buttocks to the thighs, passing through the breasts ».

When should I start using anti-stretch mark oil?

It is good to start from the first weeks of gestation and continue with daily applications until after delivery.

Prevention tips

Move, hydrate and eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants, but also use of natural products and cosmetics. Here are some beauty tips to follow, always bearing in mind that if you are about to have a control ultrasound you should not apply oils and creams at least 2-3 days before the exam.

Here are some tips from the expert:


A good way to prevent the skin from undergoing excessive stress is to play sports, or in any case reduce the sedentary lifestyle and pay attention to the amount of calories ingested to avoid accumulating too many excess pounds.


«To keep the skin elastic, then, you need to maintain a good level of hydration and therefore drink a lot: at least 1,5 / 2 liters of water per day »adds the expert.


It is also important to pay attention to what you eat: «proteins above all are fundamental for the well-being of the skin; then also be careful to take antioxidants and vitamins, contained in seasonal fruit and vegetables, but also in supplements compatible with the state of pregnancy to be taken under the prescription of the gynecologist ».

Natural remedies for stretch marks in pregnancy

There are also several on the market natural products which can help the skin cope with the stress of pregnancy.

«Particularly suitable are the vegetable oils that can be found in organic shops or herbalists. In particular: almond, aloe vera, jojoba, coconut and avocado oil which can be used alone, but also as a mixture ». Before using them, however, check that you are not allergic to any of these substances.

The advice is to always use them to have beautiful and smooth skin, but especially when you are expecting a baby.

The sooner you start, the better: you can apply the less greasy ones in the morning, while those of almonds and avocado are better to put them in the evening before going to bed, because they are more full-bodied. This way you won't stain your clothes

Stretch marks, what to do after childbirth

After giving birth, the advice is to «continue to protect the skin and take care of its beauty by continuing to hydrate and apply the products already mentioned». continues the doctor. Here are the advice on postpartum stretch marks from the mothers of mammenellarete.

At the end of breastfeeding, it is also possible to intervene in a deeper way with various aesthetic treatments: «some involve the use of laser; others that of chemical peels, with biorevitalizing agents; still others that of radiofrequency treatments».

Unfortunately, there is never a total resolution of stretch marks: "the result, for example of the treatment with bio-revitalizing, is the increase in the thickness of the skin and a more rosy color in correspondence with the stretch marks, making them less visible, but not they can never completely disappear ”.

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