Stretch marks in pregnancy: when they appear

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Stretch marks in pregnancy: when they appear

Sos stretch marks in pregnancy. Together with the spots, they are one of the imperfections (and worries) of pregnancy. But when do they appear? And how to prevent them?

What are stretch marks

They are precisely an inflammation of the elastic tissue present in the dermis, which then heals with a scar that initially appears as a streak red, after which it becomes Bianca, leaving a stable and irreversible damage.

When do stretch marks appear?

in moments of greater traction of the elastic fabric, namely:

  • when you gain weight quickly,
  • when you grow up in a short time (there are even children with stretch marks!)
  • and of course in pregnancy.

"During the wait, the tensions of the skin are added hormonal changes, which have a direct effect on the formation of stretch marks, as well as inducing an excessive release of substances, such as relaxin, which alter the tone of the skin's elastic tissue "notes Angelo Marzano, Medical Director at the Dermatological Clinic of the University of our city .

"Having seen stretch marks appear during puberty is an important 'wake-up call', which suggests that pregnancy is more at risk".

How to prevent stretch marks

In addition to hoping to have had 'good' genes in the lot, it is advisable to avoid accumulating more kilos than necessary, to follow a good diet (even if there are no 'anti-stretch mark foods'), to banish a sedentary lifestyle.

And then there are the creams. They don't do miracles, mind you, but keeping the skin elastic and hydrated certainly gives a little help. It is not the case to go into debt to buy very expensive cosmetics, the important thing is a good anti-stretch mark cream, with moisturizing active ingredients, such as vitamin E, and elasticizing, such as boswelic acid. Even better, you can apply a moisturizing fluid in the morning, which is absorbed immediately and does not leave the skin greasy, and in the evening the anti-stretch mark specialty, which generally has a thicker texture.

For the cream to be effective, you must not wait for the damage to be done: as soon as you discover that you are pregnant, you must begin to hydrate and nourish the skin constantly, so that it is more resistant when there will be an increase in the volume of certain areas of the body.

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