Stroller and playpen: when to use them and for how long?

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The stroller

Around five months, you can start using the passeggino, with the backrest slightly inclined downwards, so as to prevent the child, who is not yet able to assume the sitting position for more than a few minutes, from being folded back on himself. The stroller, unlike the pram, allows the little one to look around and therefore to spend the waking hours more pleasantly. The stroller can be safely used for up to 2-3 years. 

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The box

The box does not have the consent of all specialists. As a document from the Pediatric Cultural Association writes on the pros and cons of various children's items, the stroller "represents the greatest conflict between needs of the child who should learn to move and fend for himself, and those of the parents. Limits psychomotor development, even if for parents it represents the safest and most comfortable place to leave the child ".

The ideal would be to organize the house, or at least a room, so that it is itself safe for the child: a place to move, explore, experiment, in the absence of dangers. 

If you really decide for the box, the stay inside it must in any case be short (especially if the accommodation is not welcomed with enthusiasm). Toys suitable for the child's age should be placed in the playpen, such as rattles or even wooden spoons. It is already possible to start at five months.

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