Stroller, better if the child looks at mom and dad

Children walking with the stroller do not have to look ahead. But who carries them, that is, the parents, the grandmother or the nanny. In this way they will be more smiling and serene, therefore less anxious adults.

On average, babies spend two hours a day in the stroller

This is supported by a study by the University of Dundee, Scotland, just published and conducted on a sample of 2.722 children. “The data we have gathered suggests that the hours spent in the stroller today are emotionally depleted and a potential source of stress for a child,” explains Suzanne Zeedyk, developmental psychologist at Dundee University and research coordinator. From the research it emerged that the children who are instead taken for a walk in strollers where they can see mother and father in the face compared to those with the stroller forward:

  • they are luckier because their parents talk to them twice as long;

  • child and parents smile more;

  • children's heartbeat is slower and therefore they tend to fall asleep twice as easily.

“Stressed children become anxious adults, ”Says Zeedyk, arguing that due to the consequences on the interaction between parents and children, the structure of the strollers should be redesigned.

Today, most of the strollers on the market are facing outwards: according to the study, 62% of the children observed use a stroller facing outwards, the percentage rises up to 86% in the age group between one and two years.

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