Stroller platform, how to choose the most suitable for every need

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One of the most pleasant activities to do as a family is certainly a nice walk in the open air, but when you have two small children, even a simple horizontal journey can turn into a tragicomic episode. To come to the aid of mothers, fathers and nannies struggling with the “double” format, we are there platform for strollers, a useful accessory not only in moments of leisure, but also for everyday outings.

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Recommended for parents when there is already a first child, “the platform can be easily hooked to the stroller frame: in this way, mum or dad can easily carry both children. The baby will rest peacefully in the pram while the older brother will maneuver on this support, ”he explains Barbara Basile, owner of the Kidsnolimits stores in Como and Varese. "The platform is especially ideal for those with children around the age of two, a phase in which the children prefer to walk rather than stay in the stroller, but at the same time, being still small, they tire quickly". To learn more: the best stroller platforms.

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On the market there are now different types, such as universal stroller platform (valid for all brands of strollers) or the Bumprider stroller platform by Brevi but, according to the experience of the owner of Kidsnolimit, "the best solution is to buy a platform that has a removable seat included so that the child can choose independently whether to stand or sit down if you feel tired ".

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To choose the right platform, as Barbara Basile suggests, several factors must be considered:

  • If possible, choose the platform produced by the same company as the stroller you already have. Some manufacturers, in fact, make platforms suitable only for that specific type of stroller and therefore it is advisable to opt for this choice because the support will perfectly conform to the characteristics of the frame;
  • In the event that it is not possible to have the platform corresponding to the stroller in our possession, the solution is the universal model which can be attached to almost all strollers. In this case then the main element is practicality. A footboard that is easy to attach and detach is definitely the best choice;
  • Choose the platform according to theage and weight of the child who will have to use it. On the market there are platforms approved for carrying children up to 5 years of age weighing approximately 17 kg.
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Not just an object that facilitates transport: the stroller platform can also be one concrete demonstration of attention and affection for the "big son" in a phase of life in which it needs more attention.

“The moment of the arrival of the little brother or sister is always very special for the firstborn, and it happens not infrequently that the older child can harbor a little jealousy towards the new born. The platform can be a little help to overcome these difficulties too. For example, during the outings to the park the older child will feel involved in the walk, because he will stand and observe the world from his angle and at the same time will be wrapped in the embrace of the mother who pushes the pram with the baby inside. ".

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“In addition to this - explains Basile - when a little brother is arriving, the older child will have to abandon an object that until then had been his, the stroller. For this reason we have found a solution in the store: we recommend that mothers come together with the baby before the birth of the second child and, once the platform is mounted on the stroller, we explain to the baby that the stroller will now be used by the incoming brother and he who he is older, instead, he will be on the platform, from which he will be able to see and control him like a good older brother. Normally we also give a soft toy that simulates the presence of the little brother in the stroller: the children have fun, they consider it a game, and they leave already well-disposed and favorable".

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The price of the footpegs for strollers ranges from one minimum of 60 euros to a maximum of around 120 euros, but in some cases it might as well opt for the purchase of a second-hand platform: “It all depends on the quality of the platform and how long you plan to use it. If the age difference between the first and second child is four or five years, it means that the platform will be used only for a short period and therefore if a good opportunity is found, the second-hand one could be a valid alternative. But if both children are small, with an age difference of two years, it will mean that the platform will be used for much longer and then it may be worth investing in a new and good quality platform, so that it can be used for all the necessary period ".

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