Sudamine: newborn with red dots under the chin and on the neck

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Sudamine: newborn with red dots on the neck

If the baby has red spots under the chin and on the neck, there is no fever and the general condition is good, it could be the so-called sudamine. Sudamine is a reaction to heat and consequently to sweat, and is very common in the first year of life, especially in midsummer.

Sudamine: newborn and causes

It is due to the still imperfect functioning of the body's thermoregulation system. The dots are spaced and slightly raised and can extend to the chin, nape and chest, up to the limbs, especially in the folds.

Sometimes the baby with sudamine can be restless and irritable because it may be itchy. The phenomenon is benign and destined to resolve spontaneously.

Where it hits

Sudamine mainly affects areas of the body that tend to heat up the most, such as:

  • il package,
  • the neck,
  • the groin,
  • the armpits,
  • the folds of the limbs,
  • but also the face in newborns.

Sudamine remedies

To give the baby relief, just bathe him with water and baking soda (half a spoon per tray of water). The leather should be dried with a soft cloth, dabbing. On the area of ​​the dots, as soon as they have passed, you can then apply a little emollient cream, not too greasy. Other precautions that can be taken:

  • Light, if necessary, also taking off the diaper
  • Use light clothing made of natural fabrics
  • Try to keep the baby in one cool
  • Trim your nails to the little one

Sudamine in children (PHOTO)

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# It is not true that red spots should always be treated with cortisone-based creams or ointments.

(Advice from the Paesena Society of Pediatric Primary Care)


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