Sugar and sweeteners in pregnancy: how to behave?

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Sugar and sweeteners in pregnancy

Is it bad for you to eat white and brown sugar when you are pregnant? How to deal with sweeteners and sweetener-based drinks?

The answers of, surgeon, PhD student in Experimental and Clinical Nutrition, and Francesca Deriu, nutrition biologist and food science specialist to our questions about sugar and sweeteners in pregnancy.

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What kind of sugar in pregnancy?

The intake of simple sugars in the diet must be controlled especially during pregnancy, when the sugar metabolism changes and it is easier to have problems with high blood sugar and gestational diabetes.

White and cane sugar are both refined sugars that are immediately assimilated (which means rapid rise in blood sugar).

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Which sweeteners in pregnancy?

Equally not recommendeduse of artificial sweeteners: in pregnancy, the less chemical molecules are used, the better, so it is advisable to avoid using drugs (if not absolutely necessary), in the same way it is preferable to avoid using synthetic sweeteners such asAspartame.

And the light drinks? Avoid, as they contain artificial sweeteners.

Stevia in pregnancy

A new study published in GUT analyzed the effects of stevia and other artificial sweeteners, such as aspartament, during pregnancy and breastfeeding and concluded that the consumption of low calorie sweeteners would be linked to increased body fat in the baby.

Consultant from surgeon, surgeon, specializes in Food Science and lecturer in traditional Chinese acupuncture and dietetics courses, and Francesca Deriu, nutrition biologist specializing in food science.

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