Summertime, the most beautiful images of children in the countryside


The best holidays for children? Polish photographer Izabela Urbaniak, mother of two, has no doubts: in the countryside. And so in 2022 he began to create the "Summertime" collection (which he illustrates on his website), taking photos of children playing free and carefree in the Polish village of Lugowiska, without the need for anyone to supervise them because they are not there. dangers like in the city, and there are not even "neither computers nor TV, but only an idyllic nature and children playing". (See also all the experiences of traveling children)



Children in the countryside, a mother's photographic collection

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Izabela Urbaniak, Polish photographer and mother of two children, has created Summertime, a photographic collection that immortalizes her children as they play carefree in an idyllic nature  

The series, says the photographer (who has also published a book with the images collected), was inspired “by my childhood, when I went to my grandmother and spent the summer in the countryside. Now I love watching children play: my youngest son, Antek, is having fun with his cousins ​​Jas, Maja and Julia. And with us there is also my beloved Jack Russel terrier, Tosia, and then a cat and some animals of our neighbors ”. (See also 13 beautiful portraits of children surrounded by nature)

A life so beautiful and natural that “I can't wait to go back, when I can, with a smile on my face to look at the children and carve them in my photos. I love them: this light-heartedness, the joy, the happiness ... ". (You might be interested The emotions of children immersed in nature)

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