Sunburn and children

Sunburn and children
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Burns: we should always try to prevent them, especially if we are talking about children, not only to avoid the consequent discomfort, but above all because it is now proven that repeated burns or rashes taken in childhood or adolescence predispose to the formation of skin tumors , in particular melanomas in young and adult age and epitheliomas in later life.

Sunburn and children: how to prevent them

"For this reason, when taking children to the sea it is essential to take some precautions" explains Dr., Dermatologist at the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital:

  • “At the seaside at the 'right' times. Children should be taken to the beach only in the early hours of the morning and then after 16,30-17: the problem is not only the radiation, which in the central hours is more intense, but also the excessive heat, which can cause heat exhaustion. ;

  • Always with cream. Before exposing children to the sun, it is essential to always apply sunscreen: in older children, after two years, the protective factor must be very high in the first days, and then gradually decrease according to the phototype (which indicates individual sensitivity to the sun ) as the skin tans; in very small children, the protection must remain at 50+, for the entire duration of the holiday. The cream should be applied on all uncovered areas, every hour in the first days of exposure, every two hours in the following days, especially after the bath: even if the cream is water resistant, in fact, with water it loses some of its effectiveness.

  • The choice of cream. There are creams with physical filters (those to be clear that create a white patina) and chemical filters: the ideal is a product that contains both, because too pasty creams can cause occlusion dermatitis, since they do not allow the leather.

  • Protections yes, protections no. Additional protection is offered by clothing, especially hats and sunglasses, which children should get used to wearing from an early age. On the other hand, unnecessary or potentially harmful protections, such as towels on strollers or clothes that are too heavy, should be avoided, because they create a 'greenhouse effect' that increases the heat (and does not always protect effectively) ".

What to do if your baby is very hot

  • On the burned area, gently spread a refreshing soothing cream or, even better, an oil-in-water emulsion, light but highly moisturizing: at first it can be applied even every half hour, to calm the inflammation and relieve the tingling sensation. .

  • If the sunburn is particularly intense, with blisters and blisters, ask your pediatrician for advice, who may prescribe a cortisone cream, such as hydrocortisone or mometasone furoate, which reduces the degree of burns.

  • For the shower, use lukewarm water with a cleansing oil or cream, which preserve skin hydration, already compromised by sunburn; ok even in baths with soothing powders, such as colloidal oats.

  • After sunburn, the skin that reforms is darker and dehydrated, which is why it must be moisturized with slightly more oily creams, it must also be absolutely protected from the sun with very high filters and possibly with fresh clothing, both to avoid new burns and to prevent the formation of dark spots as a scarring result.


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