SUPER creative birthday cakes for kids

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Be inspired by creativity in the kitchen! If you are imaginative and love to prepare desserts, you can create a delicious and colorful one cake for your children. With a few more colorful details you can make wonderful desserts: a little care and creativity are enough to prepare delicious cakes inspired by cartoons, comics and your children's favorite characters. Not only that: the cakes they can also take the form of objects, games, animals… in short, there is no limit to the imagination!

In the photo gallery you can see fabulous and "sugary" cakes. Among the images there are also some really elaborate cakes: they even represent a small seascape, with crabs, octopuses and turtles and, even, a circus, from which cute little animals appear. There are also some fantastic characters loved by children, such as the blue car from the animated film "Cars" and the Mayan bee.

Simple cakes for children

Among the children during 6, the most popular cakes are the pink and blue ones, while for the older children there are rainbow colors and teddy bears. Dear parents, if you are spoiled for choice, you can decorate the cake to your liking, satisfying the taste of your little ones, who will be happy to be able to blow out the candles on a unique dessert, because it was made just for them! Here are some photos of simple cakes for the little ones celebrated.

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Sugar paste cakes

Something wonderful happens when creativity is applied to cooking: fantastic cakes can be created, and the more you train to make those in "sugar paste", the better you become. Children love sweets with the shapes of their favorite characters and the most creative mothers or fathers can experience their creativity in the kitchen. What's better?

From a simple sponge cake, perhaps filled with cocoa cream or custard or fruit, you can indulge yourself: you can work with cake design or buy ready-made decorations and characters. Furthermore, when making the cakes at home, more attention is paid to the ingredients, fresh and genuine, free of preservatives and dyes. Creating a cake by hand is for many mothers, and for many older children, who collaborate in the creation of the cake, now a pleasant habit.

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If you are undecided about which birthday cake to prepare for your children and if you want to amaze them, here are some images of beautiful and imaginative birthday cakes for the little ones. There are real works of art, but also colorful, ironic, imaginative and greedy cakes. Good vision!

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More elaborate sugar paste cakes

The most experienced (or the most experienced) can try their hand at more elaborate creations. Here are some special ideas that can be inspired to make the most beautiful sugar paste cake your child has ever seen.


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