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Super Pajamas

A cartoon that children love? AND Pj Masks, Super Pigiamini, series that tells the adventures of three children: Connor, Amaya e Greg. The three little ones have normal lives during the day, but at night, after putting on their pajamas and pressing a button on their strap, they turn into Gattoboy, Gufetta and Geco, three fantastic superheroes.

The three face off against supervillains of their own age: Romeo, Lunetta and Ninja (flanked by his minininja). From the third season onwards there are also some thirteen-year-old kids, led by the villain Mark, who don't give the three superhero children a moment's respite.


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Super Pajamas: the characters

The three Super Pajamas they are called:

  • Connor/Catboy
    Connor is a little boy with gorgeous blue eyes and brown hair. When he transforms into the superhero Catboy, overnight, he puts on a blue cat costume that has light blue stripes. GattoBoy is the leader of the trio, he has a very fast machine called Gatto-mobile and he has superpowers, that is the supercatvelocità, the supercatbalzo and the auditogatto. He loves the blue color and is in love with Owlette. Very stubborn, he fears the water and when he fails during the missions he gets very embarrassed. Sometimes he gets angry, but thanks to his friends he has understood that there is no need to lose your temper unnecessarily.

  • Amaya/Owlette
    Amaya is a very cute little girl who has red glasses and brown hair. When she transforms into Owlette, she puts on a red owl costume with a cape. Her favorite color of hers is red and she is the only one of the trio of superheroes capable of flying: in fact she drives a flying machine called Gufaliante. Finally, her superpowers are the supercouple wind and the vistagufetta. She is in love with Gattoboy.

  • Greg/Gecko
    Greg is a nice little boy with blond hair and green eyes. When he transforms into a superhero he puts on a green gecko costume that has a reptilian tail and special reinforcements. Geco is the strongest of the three superheroes. He has a crush on Lunetta and the color he loves is green. He also has superpowers: the superpresarectile, the supergecomimicry, the supergeco muscles. He can also walk on water and change color. He also drives the Gecko-mobile, which can go into the water or blend in.

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Super Pajamas: the criminals

Instead, the criminals are:

  • Romeo
    A criminal scientist and he's cunning and bad. He has a robot and a little robot as henchmen, invented by him and often works in his laboratory. He aims to conquer the whole world and to achieve this he carries out evil experiments, which give the three superhero children a hard time.

  • Lunetta
    I intend to steal the fun of all children. Her tools are a flying skate, Luna Board, and her Luna Magnet, which has a magnet that can attract anything. Her helpers are the moon moths and she is in love with Gecko.

  • Il Ninja of the night
    He always wants to be the best of all and, for this reason, he wants to defeat the super Pajamas. He uses sticky balls as weapons. He is accompanied by his little brothers, the minininja.

  • Mark's Band (from the third season)
    It is made up of a group of thirteen year old boys with the desire to spread panic in the city. Their leader is precisely Mark, a cruel little boy with black hair.
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Questions and answers

Who was the Super Pajamas series produced and who is it for?

The animated series is an Anglo-French production made by Entertainment One, TeamTo Walt Disney Television and Frog Box and has been designed for an audience of children aged two to seven.

What is the Super Pajamas series inspired by?

It is based on Romuald Racioppo's series of children's books Les Pajamasques and debuted in the US in September 2022, while in Del Paese it arrived in early 2022.

When is the third season of Super Pajamas airing?

In prime time, at 20:05 on Rai Yoyo (channel 43), the new episodes of the third season of the “PJ Masks” are broadcast.

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