Sushi for children: recipes with cooked fish, canned tuna or vegetarian

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Sushi for children: recipes

For some years now the sushi has conquered the Del Paeseni, albeit in a revisited form compared to the traditional one to adapt to the tastes of the Belpaese, different from those of Japan. Increasingly families they choose i Asian restaurants, and just as many have fun with the "sushi evenings"in the house where the children also involve. Prepare the sushi for children is one of the alternatives to consume it safely!

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Sushi suitable for children

Many parents wonder if the Japanese food both suitable for children, both from the point of view nutritional than from that of food safety. The most frequently asked questions are about the danger of intoxications, but also the frequency with which sushi can be consumed. Is soy bad for you? And if the fish were contaminated, what could happen, especially to children? But rest assured: by following a few simple rules you can enjoy the sushi in the family without dangers and respecting a healthy and varied diet!

The dangers of raw fish

As with any animal dish, you have to pay attention to raw and sushi is no exception. Fish should be pulled down at -20 degrees or simply cooked to avoid intoxication. To make sure you consume quality sushi, only go to trusted restaurants and suppliers who have good reviews or you know personally. Hygiene rules and compliance with the cold chain to avoid bacterial contamination and avoid the risk of Anisakis (a parasite that can have serious consequences on health) are the basis for being able to consume sushi with serenity. If you want to prepare it at home, remember to buy fresh fish and then keep it at least four days at a temperature of -15 degrees. 

Sushi recipes for children

When it comes to children, however, sometimes there is an extra scruple. Also, let's not forget, many turn up their noses at the fish. So here are some alternatives that you can propose to the little ones for eat sushi with the family.

Vegetarian hosomaki ideal for children

Virtually all sushi restaurants offer several vegetable-based alternatives. They are also easy to reproduce at home, perhaps having fun cooking them with the children. The hosomaki they are rice rolls closed on the outside with seaweed, and which can be stuffed inside with cucumbers, peppers, avocados, carrots, cheese. 

To prepare them, just follow the basic recipe for sushi rice: get some rice for sushi (now easily found in well-stocked supermarkets), rice vinegar, salt, water and sugar. Rinse the rice under water to remove the starch, repeating the operation a few times. Let it drain for about ten minutes in a colander, then put it in a pot and cover it with water. Bring to a boil while covering, never stirring or uncovering. When it boils, always lower the heat without removing the lid and let it go for another five minutes, then lower the heat to the minimum and let it go for another ten minutes. Once cooked, let the rice rest covered for another ten minutes. 

Now you just have to prepare the sauce, the so-called sushizu: in a saucepan pour the vinegar, salt and sugar and cook over low heat, stirring until the salt and sugar are dissolved. When it is warm, pour it over the rice and let it cool by covering with a wet cloth. 

At this point, the rice is ready, you can prepare your sushi rolls having fun with the children: the secret to perfect hosomaki lies in spreading the rice on the seaweed, placing the vegetables on it (for example a long slice of cucumber), then wrapping everything to close the roll and finally cutting. 

Uramaki with cooked fish or canned tuna

If your children love fish, you can indulge yourself with all the qualities of fish you prefer, or using simple natural canned tuna. In this case, however, if you decide to prepare it at home, the advice is to opt for some uramaki, the larger version of the rolls, with the seaweed inside instead of outside. The procedure is the same, but when you have to compose your sushi, combine the fish with other ingredients, such as cream cheese, avocado or vegetables. 

If, on the other hand, you opt for the restaurant or the delivery, the menus of Japanese restaurants offer tons of alternatives with cooked fish or vegetarian, although the choice of fish is more limited (usually tuna, salmon, shrimp and eel). 

Sushi in the children's diet

Ma eating sushi for children is healthy? Beyond the risks of intoxication, in reality the Japanese food turns out to be a valid alternative to be included in the family menu, obviously without exaggerating, as for any type of food. Sushi can be a delicious and tasty source of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, but remember not to overdo it with salmon and tuna which, as larger fish, absorb more mercury than others, and favor blue fish. Also limit your consumption of soy sauce, which contains a lot of salt.

In any case, the sushi it's perfect for enjoying family evenings, at the restaurant as at home, because children and parents like it!


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