Swollen legs and feet in pregnancy

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Swollen legs and feet in pregnancy

Swollen legs and feet in pregnancy: it is quite a nuisance. It is caused by hormonal, mechanical and vascular factors. In summer, heat is added, which causes vasodilation.

Here are all the anti-swelling remedies.

Because you have swollen legs and feet during pregnancy

"In pregnancy, from the first months, there is a certain imbibition of the tissues due to hormonal factors (especially estrogen, progesterone and other hormones whose production increases in the nine months), biochemical factors (increase in the liquid component of the blood compared to that protein) and vascular factors (vasodilation and increased vascular permeability), which favor the onset of edema "explains Simona Boito, executive doctor at the obstetric-gynecological clinic in our city.

"Edema that can be accentuated especially in the last trimester and especially at the level of the feet, ankles and the pretibial region. In fact, an important mechanical factor intervenes in this period of pregnancy, namely the weight of the uterine organ, which compresses the venous vessels making it increasingly difficult for the blood to return to the heart ". Lastly, in summer, heat is added, which accentuates vasodilation and therefore slows down the venous and lymphatic circulation even more.

The anti-swelling remedies in the nine months of gestation

  • Limit excessive weight gain, which worsens the compression on the vessels; Read the pregnancy diet
  • Avoid standing still for a long time and generally avoid a sedentary lifestyle: it is fine to take a walk every day, which stimulates the plantar pump and improves circulation; Read Sports in pregnancy
  • If you are by the sea, for example, the are excellent walks in the water, preferably in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is less hot and the heat is less intense.
  • At the beach, do not expose your legs directly to the sun and cool them several times during the day with cold water.
  • Uses comfortable shoes, with 3-4 centimeters heel and wide sole, and when it gets a little less hot, wear elastic stockings of a relaxing type (70 deniers).
  • Spend a few hours of the day lying down with a lower limb in a raised position, placing pillows under the legs.
  • To relieve swelling, lymphatic drainage massages are very effective, which help to unblock stagnant liquids and give a pleasant sense of lightness. However, contact experienced operators.
  • At home, massage every day, from the feet to the thighs, a gel or cream with a vasoprotective and refreshing action.
  • Ok also al foot bath, dissolving one or two tablespoons of coarse salt in water, which has a deflating effect since it draws liquids outwards.
  • Drink enough, at least 2 liters of water a day, especially in hot weather, to promote diuresis and avoid water retention. For the opposite reason, at the table it is necessary to limit salt and salty foods as much as possible, such as sausages, aged cheeses and industrial snacks, as they contain sodium chloride which increases water retention.
  • On the other hand, I'm pregnant diuretic drugs to be avoided.

When to see your doctor for swelling problems

If modest, swelling in the legs and feet can be defined parafisiologici.

"We must instead begin to be alarmed when theedema of the lower limbs becomes more evident and above all also involves the hands and face"underlines Boito;" in this case it is imperative to contact your doctor quickly, measure blood pressure and evaluate the presence of protein in the urine, because significant edema could be the first symptom of a serious pathology of the third trimester of pregnancy. once 'gestosis' and today, with a more precise term, pre-eclampsia, which must be carefully kept under control ".

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