Symptoms of the first week of pregnancy: how to recognize them

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Symptoms first week of pregnancy

Are you looking for a baby and your period is a few days late? Even before taking the pregnancy test, you may suspect that you have become pregnant by "listening" to the signals your body sends you from the first days after conception. So let's take a look at the symptoms of the first week of pregnancy.

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  • When do the first symptoms of pregnancy appear?
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  • Pregnancy symptoms before the period
  • Symptoms of pregnancy in the first months

Early pregnancy symptoms

Early pregnancy signs and symptoms could include:

  • Lack of period: amenorrhea is certainly the clearest and most evident sign of a pregnancy in progress. But it is good to know that menstruation can delay its onset due to numerous factors - from stress to lifestyle, from medications to certain diseases - and it is certainly not a clear symptom if you have an irregular cycle;
  • swollen and painful breasts: Hormonal changes in early pregnancy can make breasts tighter, swollen and slightly sore. The discomfort will pass after a few weeks, when the body has adapted to these changes;
  • nausea: classic early morning nausea is a very common symptom among pregnant women.Many women can suffer from nausea not only in the morning, but also at other times of the day, while other women never experience it. Also in this case those responsible for the onset of nausea are the pregnancy hormones, such as Beta Hcg;
  • need to urinate more often because it slowly begins to increase the amount of blood in the body and therefore of liquids that will end up in the bladder;
  • fatigue and sleepiness are among the earliest symptoms of pregnancy and are caused by the rise in progesterone levels.


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When do the first symptoms of pregnancy appear?

When do the first signs of pregnancy appear? These signs may appear a few days after conception and intensify in the first weeks of pregnancy.

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Symptoms of conception occurred

We can suspect that conception has also occurred from other typical signals such as:

  • Irritability: hormonal changes can promote changes in mood, irritability, sadness; Swelling similar to that which occurs on the days when menstruation comes;
  • Spotting: small blood losses are the classic "implantation losses" and are caused by the nesting of the embryo in the uterine walls. The implantation of the embryo generally takes place 10-14 days after conception;
  • Cramps: some women also have small abdominal cramps
  • Nasal congestion: increased hormone levels and blood production can cause nasal mucous membranes to swell, but also cause dryness and slight bleeding;
  • Constipation: hormonal changes slow down the digestive system, which can lead to constipation;
  • Sensitivity to tastes and smells which could lead to the refusal of generally appreciated foods.
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Pregnancy symptoms before the period

Unfortunately, many of these signs and symptoms are not exclusive to pregnancy, but can also be indicative of a disease or simply the onset of menstruation, hence a PMS. If menstruation does not occur and in case of delay, you can do the home pregnancy test which has a very high accuracy and reliability.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first months

The first trimester of pregnancy is particularly delicate and is characterized by very evident and common symptoms. These symptoms include, for example:

  • menstruation delay
  • small blood loss
  • more sensitive and painful breasts
  • darker nipples
  • nausea and vomit
  • sensitivity to odors
  • fame
  • belly swollen and hard
  • tension in the lower abdomen and small abdominal cramps
  • urge to urinate
  • tiredness and sleepiness
  • headache
  • sudden changes in mood
  • constipation
  • nasal congestion


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