Tagesmutter: what it is and how it works

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Returning to work after maternity leave means facing the big problem: who do I leave my child to?

There are usually two options:

  • entrust it to a trusted person, a nanny or a grandfather,
  • or send him to the nest.

But for some years there has been a third choice that can be considered a middle ground: the Nanny.

It is a woman, almost always a mother, qualified as an educator, who welcomes a small group of children to her home.

In this article

  • what does tagesmutter mean
  • how the service works
  • the difference with nursery, nanny or grandparents
  • quality guarantees
  • how do you become a tagesmutter

What does the term tagesmutter mean?

It is a German word and means "mom by day". In fact, this service was born in the countries of northern Europe and has spread to Del Paese since 2004.

How does the service work?

The tagesmutter can accommodate up to five children in your home at the same time.

The service has no predetermined hours, but they are agreed with the tagesmutter according to the needs of the parents. You only pay for the hours used.

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How is it different from the nursery and the nanny (or grandparents)?

The child is followed by a figure who will become an important reference for him, such as a nanny or a grandfather, but it is a matter of a professionally trained person (and constantly updated).

Like at the nursery, the child will not be alone, but will share the days and activities with other little ones, in order to have one first socialization. However, the group will be very small, no more than five, with the advantage that in a micro-group the spread of diseases is certainly lower. Furthermore, the environment is the familiar one of a house.

Another peculiar aspect of the service is that every single child is followed in the respect for his times and habits, continuing the parent's educational line thanks to a continuous exchange of information between the tagesmutter and the family.

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What quality guarantees do parents have?

The tagesmutter never operates in isolation, but in agreement with a cooperative through a contract that guarantees rights and duties. The coordinator's checks are surprise (cleaning, food) e the interventions of the educational psychologist they are regulated by monthly meetings: activities are suggested and monitored, and individualized educational paths are elaborated.

In addition, through the tagesmutter cooperative there is always a team of experts.

info: www.tagesmutter-domus.com

our city: www.baby360.com; of the city: www.tagesmutter.com; Catania: babycasatagesmutter.com;

Bolzano www.casabimbo.com; Trento: tagesmutter-ilsorriso.com

How do you become a tagesmutter

diventare childminder it is necessary to participate in a training course of 250 hours of which 200 hours of lectures and 50 hours of internship.

The course requires compulsory attendance for 80% of the hours. To access the course, it is necessary to pass a selection by our national association.

There is also a final exam with certificate

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