Take care of your feet in 5 steps

200 million steps for the well-being of the foot

They are the masterpieces of nature: our feet. With them we travel about four times the circumference of the Earth over a lifetime and take more or less 200 million steps. And our feet cushion these steps as if they were real shock absorbers: for each of these steps they have to deal with triple the body weight, and during pregnancy on average the weight rises by 15 or 20 kilos! And even if it seems that the feet do nothing because we are only standing, they play an important role: their 26 bones, 20 muscles and 114 bands keep the body in balance and "keep us connected to the ground". Do you need more reasons to do something for your feet?

1 - Legs up

When your legs are tired and sore, hold them up as high as possible. Also be careful when sitting not to cross them. And maybe bring the support tights.

2 - A cure to pamper your feet

Since the soles of the feet do not have sebaceous glands to provide smoothness, calluses form. It's not just a question of blemishes, it's that they can also hurt. Calluses mainly come in places where strong pressure is exerted: it is no wonder that many women have many corns and calluses on their feet during pregnancy.

Peeling creams with pumice stone granules sand these rough areas making them silky smooth. DIY care: mix four tablespoons of sea salt and two tablespoons of olive oil until you get a mush; massage with circular movements, wash off the mixture with running water (be careful, you could slip when entering the tub!).

Calluses form when strong pressure is exerted

The most stubborn hardships can be removed with a pumice stone or a callus file. The operation is best done if the feet are dried with a towel. Then rub your feet thoroughly with a thick layer of cream. Products that give grease and moisture to the feet are very effective. Anyone who wants can combine the spreading of the cream with a foot massage: massage every single finger well from the big toe to the index and then move on to the sole and heel.

A weekly night care can help very tired feet: heat the sesame oil, massage your feet, put on some cotton socks and leave it on overnight.

3 - For swollen feet and ankles

Many pregnant women know the problem: swollen feet and ankles. The phenomenon is almost always harmless and depends among other things on the high level of estrogen, which facilitates the accumulation of liquids in the tissues. Getting on high legs and cold packs gives quick relief: soak gauze wraps or a thin handkerchief in a liter of cold water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, squeeze and wrap your ankles. Then stretch your legs up on a chair.

Horse chestnut extract also has a dehydrating effect: rub the lower leg, leave it on for 10 or 15 minutes and wash your feet in the shower (at the end pass your feet and knuckles with menthol, eucalyptus or lemongrass: revives and refreshes beautifully!) To avoid swollen feet and heavy legs as much as possible, rub the lower legs already in the morning with an antirheumatic lotion.

Kneipp method against swollen feet

In case of painful feet and swollen ankles, the Kneipp method also helps: fill the tub with very cold water. Then place your feet one at a time for about half a minute, and as you lift them, you stretch the toe downwards. Cold packs can do the same effect on the ankles and calves. Cold compresses on the legs or calves also reduce tension. Handy for when you're on the go: There are swelling sprays that can even be applied over silk tights.

4 - Now walk

Walking in the summer on a meadow without shoes or socks, sinking into a clear stream, feeling the fine sand under the soles of your feet: walking barefoot is good for you. 72.000 nerve endings are stimulated which activate organs and the exchange of substances. Take your shoes off, then! A similar effect also has a hedgehog ball, which you can move back and forth under the soles of your feet, progressively increasing the pressure. Then lift your leg and roll your foot.

In India it is said that when a man's feet are held in the hand, his soul is also held in the hand. You too can do something for your inner balance if you take your feet in hand: sit comfortably with your legs crossed and take your right foot with your left hand; close your toes with your big toe, as if you were in prayer. Do the same with your left foot and right hand. Close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply, and feel how the energy flows through the body. The connection between hands and feet creates a circuit, gives strength and warmth up to the tips of the feet. Do you feel how after a few minutes a feeling of well-being expands inside you?

5 - A fine job: the perfect pedicure

Soft skin is one thing, it is quite another to have manicured toenails. Observing these rules nails will look beautiful:

  • Trim your nails as straight as possible with a clipper along the tip of your finger. Do not under any circumstances cut the side edges, as otherwise sharp corners will form which could get into the skin and cause pain.

  • Shape your nails with a glass or mineral file. File only in one direction, otherwise the edge will fray.

  • Push the cuticles back. Better to do it with a rosewood stick or with a "horse's hoof" (a rounded stick, padded for manicure). Do not cut the cuticles for any reason!

  • Treat sensitive skin with nail oil or handy pencils with jojoba or neem oil

  • In order for the colored nail polish not to discolour, always apply the undercoat first. The finger wideners will facilitate the work. To give yourself polish, start from the middle of the nail.

Sexy pregnant shoes? You can!

Even if the belly gets bigger and bigger, from time to time you can wear sexy shoes even during pregnancy! Only in the end do the feet need more space. Don't be persuaded by those who tell you that during pregnancy you can only wear comfortable shoes without heels. However, extreme 'high heels' make walking a little uncertain, especially since the ligaments, including those of the ankle joint, are less stable during pregnancy.

When you go to buy them, therefore, check that you feel stable in the shoe. One more tip: bring a second pair of shoes to the office in case your feet get swollen.

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