Taking off the diaper: what if she no longer does her business?

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The transition from diaper to potty is one of the most delicate and important moments for many children and their parents. How should you behave? When is the right time? And above all, what to do if, once the diaper is removed, the baby stops going to her needs? We talked about it with the doctor Daniela Callegari, pediatrician at the Santagostino Medical Center in our city.

an important moment

Generally, the transition to the diaper is expected around 2 years for girls and 3 years for boys, but everyone has their moment: there are some very precocious ones who are already ready to use the potty much earlier. It is up to parents to grasp the signs to understand that the right time has come.

"This physiological passage it must be lived with attention by parents: they must be able to grasp the signals that children send and help them to live this experience as a game, without pressure, remembering that each child has his own character and his own way of dealing with changes. In general, I recommend trying to put them on the potty after meals, to take advantage of the gastro-colic reflex. In addition, it is good not to delay this moment, for example by continuing to use absorbent panties or other devices that simulate the diaper ».

How to behave

“Taking off the diaper is a moment of delicate passage, both for the child, for whom it represents a stage of independence, and for the parents. It must be lived as a game experience and not as an imposition. To leverage the child, you can bet on imitation: parents must show their children how to use the toilet bowl, encouraging them to take, one step at a time, like mom and dad to progress in autonomy. Undoubtedly it is a phase that requires a lot of patience: it is a path in which the child can take two steps forward and one step back, but this does not mean that the parents will have to blame him for something. They will have to stimulate him and reward him with smiles for his progress, to make him proud and eager to repeat, and be encouraging - and never disappointed - in the face of failures. In this way, everything will happen naturally and serenely on both sides ».

Mistakes not to make

"As regards the urine, it may happen that, having removed the diaper, the child does not control himself, become anxious and wet more than usual, or refuse to use the potty and ask for a diaper again. This can happen because he feels pressed and under tension. Parents must in no way show themselves insistent, perhaps asking the child continuously if he needs to pee, or scolding and scolding him for getting wet but they must be an example to help him progress ".

If the child becomes constipated

«It can happen that the child finds himself in difficulty and push back the puppet stimulus, or because he gets dirty without a diaper or because, for example, he is forced to stop playing to reach the potty. In these cases, a constipation problem may occur. It takes a lot of calm and tolerance, even here it is essential not to put pressure on the child, otherwise you risk doing worse. You can wait up to 2/3 days of abstinence, then it will be necessary to stimulate the child with a glycerin suppository: at that point the advice is to put him on the potty, keep him company by playing or reading a story until he has done the poo ".


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If he requires a diaper to go to the toilet

'Some children may develop a form of stool retention as well ask to use the diaper again. However, if they use it as if it were a potty, for example hiding while they go to the toilet and using it only when they perform the functions, it is good to give it to them: they are still doing the correct "gesture" and slowly they will be ready to sit on the potty " .

If the baby asks to put the diaper back on

“The baby is more likely to ask to put the diaper back on when feels too high expectations: he is afraid of disappointing and not succeeding, therefore he prefers to give up and go back to the previous stage. It is a sign that parents are asking too much or too quickly. In order not to worsen the situation and not to arouse strong and long-lasting opposition, it is preferable to take a step back not commenting on it with the baby as a failure, but for example with these words: “Okay, use the diaper, don't worry, I understand you, it's hard to leave it. When you want and you feel like it, we take it off, we try it, you decide ". Afterwards we must not insist on trying again but only remind the child that he is expecting a decision from him, asking him, for example, “today do you want us not to wear it for a while?” ».

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