Taking off the diaper: when is the right time?

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Summer and summer are coming: for many parents it is the most practical time to start removing the diaper, especially in view of entering the nursery in September. But will it really be the right time for the baby? When is the right time to remove the diaper?

To answer this question, the experts of the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital of the city.

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Removing the diaper: when?

First of all, one thing must be specified: the diaper must be removed when the time is right! Generally we speak of 2 years for girls and 3 for children. But every little one has his time. In fact it is necessary that children learn a understand what they need to do when their bladder is full. Having acquired this awareness, they will be able to hold their pee until they find the right place to "let go".

Newborns and infants do not have the ability to decide for themselves when to pee: when the bladder is full, the bladder muscle contracts involuntarily and urine leaks. In practice, they let themselves go without realizing it. In short, nature does not give the child the possibility immediately to understand when the bladder is full or not. A bit like it doesn't allow newborn babies to walk.

Little by little, the child learns to understand when the bladder is full and thus learns to start the contraction of the bladder muscle. This is the right time to take the diaper off.

Unfortunately, it often happens that the times linked to "spannolinare" are linked more to the needs of school and family than to the real awareness of the child. On the contrary, there are children who need a longer process of physical and mental maturation to be able to remove it.

Don't scold the child

Note well, children should not be scolded if they get wet, as it means that they have not yet reached a sufficient maturity, which is a long path, with ups and downs, not an immediate event.
Reproaching them, therefore, is wrong; on the contrary, they must certainly be followed in the process and encouraged.

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Why choose summer?

Summer is more practical and comfortable and is a time recommended by pediatricians and other parents to teach the baby to remove the diaper. In reality it is only an indication, but it certainly helps: you undress more easily, you can go around the house even with only a panty and therefore avoid wetting pants, briefs, socks and shoes, with consequent displeasure of the child.

Season aside, parents will understand when the baby is ready and able to master its functions. Forcing them, or anticipating the times could be counterproductive.

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