Taking the plane during pregnancy and after childbirth: the company guide by company

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Let's start with the good news: you can fly while pregnant. Although the necessary condition is obviously that which there are no complications. But if the situation is normal and the delivery date is not too close, you can go to the airport without any problem.

Each company, however, has its own rules, Here because eDreams, the online travel agency operating in Europe, has created an online guide to facilitate the departure of expectant mothers.

The rules

Le main differences that exist from company to company concern the times: on the one hand, the week of gestation; on the other, the days after birth and the child's life. In general, however, you should know that companies low cost follow the same rules as line team. But let's see everything in detail:

  • AlDel Paese. Our flag carrier requires medical clearance to fly from 32nd week of pregnancy. Before, however, you can take the plane freely. One week after giving birth, the baby and new mother can travel on an AlDel Paese aircraft.
  • Lufthansa, for example, which is the leading German airline, allows mothers-to-be to fly to 32nd week of pregnancy, but only by presenting a medical authorization. While from 36nd week of pregnancy it is not allowed to take the plane. No time limits are specified for flying after delivery.
  • Iberia, the Spanish national airline, allows you to fly on its own planes to 36nd week of pregnancy. However, the medical certificate of good health of the mother and child must be presented by 28th week of gestation. It will then be possible to resume an Iberia plane starting one week after the birth.
  • EasyJet does not allow pregnant women to fly from 36nd week of pregnancy, while for those who have multiple pregnancies the limit is 32 weeks.
  • Ryanair requires a certified which certifies that the woman can fly from 28th week of gestation. Dalla 32nd week of pregnancy, the Irish company no longer allows you to fly. The mother, then, can fly afterwards 48 hours after giving birth, unless a surgical operation has taken place. In that case, you will have to wait 10 days. The newborn, on the other hand, will be able to take his first plane starting from the eighth day of life.

Useful Tips

The fact remains, emphasizes eDreams, that before leaving “it always is It is advisable to consult a doctor and in the event of a high-risk pregnancy, the authorization of a specialist is essential to be able to fly ".

Taking the plane during pregnancy and after childbirth: the company guide by company

Fly with children

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From the age of two onwards, traveling by plane becomes a beautiful adventure. Flying in the sky, among the clouds, what a thrill! The only inconvenience the plane can cause is ear discomfort ...

Another advice to be implemented is to arrive at the airport a little early to carry out all the operations necessary for boarding with peace of mind. When you are on board, “it is advisable eat little and avoid carbonated drinks, it is important instead, hydrate a lot while drinking a lot of water, this is because the environment in the cabin is drier than the one on the ground ".

Fasten the belt under the abdomen, in the pelvic area, so as not to crush the belly and get a seat on the aisle, which will allow you more freedom in case you need to use the toilet.

Taking the plane during pregnancy and after childbirth: the company guide by companyEDreams Infographic

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