Talking to the baby in the belly: a cuddle that is good for you

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Talk to the baby in the belly

Sing him a lullaby, let him hear the voice of both mum and dad, tell him a fairy tale designed especially for him: the baby still inside the belly feels this and more. Yes why talking to the baby when he is still in the mother's womb is a cuddle that is not only tender but also very useful in establishing what will be the bond between the baby and the parents once he comes into the world.

Cristina Fiore di Anep, trainer, counselor, Prenatal Tutor and head of the Psycho-pedagical disciplines area of ​​the "Bene con Sé Bene Insieme" study center explains it to us.


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Prenatal education

"Culturally one thinks of pregnancy as a mother-child dyad, but it is not only like this: the unborn child is part of a family history that includes father, grandparents, brothers and uncles", explains Cristina Fiore. "It is good to start thinking about prenatal bonding, made up of dialogue and caresses, between the whole" expectant family "and the little one, not only with the mother but through her with the surrounding environment".

Why is it important to talk to the baby in the belly?

Why is it useful to approach dialogue in the belly in this way? «Because the child is an individual, not a 'piece' of either parent, and has the specific characteristics of him».

Prenatal education helps future new parents precisely in this understanding: «It is a type of education that involves taking care of the 9 months before childbirth - endogestation - and 9 months after - exogestation. What we promote as antenatal educators is to help the creating a relationship between that particular child and that specific family, his ".


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How to foster the bond

To foster the bond of the baby in the womb with his new family, prenatal educators offer many activities, from which new parents can draw useful ideas.

The choice of name

«You can start from the name, which is what brings the child into the world» says Cristina Fiore. "We offer many workshops on this theme, how to have parents draw the family crest to help mum and dad understand what characteristics they want to" give "to the little one".

Rock to sing to the baby

To favor a tactile and sound contact, there is the game of "cradling" the child: the father sits behind the mother and puts his hands on her stomach, then they both rock to rock the unborn child. "You can start singing a lullaby to your child, perhaps the one that the grandmother sang to us: so when it comes out, you will already have a known melody in your ears ».

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Talk to the baby in the baby bump

When a mother talks to her baby in her womb, she can sometimes get the impression that he doesn't hear her: nothing could be more wrong. «The baby still in the mother's womb learns a series of words and at the sound of these he calms down. The great thing is that this practice can already activate learning processes. But be careful: the aim is not to create small genes but to activate a relationship ». During the day, therefore, mothers can and should feel free to tell what happens to them to their child, and the same must be done by fathers when they return home in the evening.: «In fact, what could upset the little ones is not to suffer from stress but to feel rejected by a mother who feels she is only a" container "for the child», underlines Cristina Fiore.

Telling fairy tales

A very creative activity that is proposed in prenatal education courses is to create "tailor-made" fairy tales for the unborn child: here you will find some examples.

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