Tattoos and piercings in pregnancy: tips and risks

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What happens to the tattoo or piercing during pregnancy

The tattoo must be kept (also because to remove it you would need a specific laser which, once again, is contraindicated in pregnancy); even the piercing can be kept: "However, if it is located right on the belly, as the months go by the skin becomes tighter and thinned and the piercing could annoy you or, in some cases, cause irritation: in this case it is better to remove it and wait for the postpartum to reapply it "says the dermatologist.

Do belly tattoos spoil with pregnancy?

Normally it shouldn't get damaged unless it is on areas of the skin where deep stretch marks form.

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Tattoos and piercings in pregnancy

Whether it is tattoo, piercing or permanent make-up, it is better to wait for the term of pregnancy and breastfeeding to venture into these aesthetic practices: this is the advice of the dermatologist Magda Belmontesi.

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Navel tattoos and piercings

"You should be absolutely sure to rely on a serious beauty center or a qualified person, who respects the various hygiene standards and above all uses sterile disposable needles because the introduction of a foreign body into the skin involves the risk of infections, even serious ones, " the dermatologist pressed.

"However, even if everything is in order from a hygienic point of view, it is still a matter of practices that can provoke inflammation or allergic reactions which would then require the use of drugs such as antibiotics, antihistamines or cortisones which, unless strictly necessary, should be avoided during pregnancy ", advises Belmontesi.

"It is true that for sensitive and allergic-prone skin there are tattoos based on natural pigments or nickel-free piercings, but during pregnancy the skin is more sensitive and the risk of skin reactions can never be excluded," says the dermatologist.

Can permanent makeup be done during pregnancy?

The same precautions indicated for tattooing apply to permanent makeup, which is a tattoo technique that is practiced to define certain areas of the face, such as the eyebrows, eyes or lips: in the first case, the less thick areas of the face are filled. eyebrow arch with dashes that mimic the effect of hair; on the eyes it is used to draw a line very similar to that obtained with the eyeliner, while on the lips it serves to better outline the contour.

"Even with permanent makeup the risk of skin infections or inflammation there is always, especially if we take into account that we work on very delicate areas of the face, moreover after some time the chosen shade could fade or turn towards purple or green and require retouching, without considering that the result obtained you may not like it. In short, once again this is not the right time to make such choices, "says Belmontesi.

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