The 10 saddest cartoons of the 80s

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Who does not remember the cartoons of the eighties and nineties? They marked a generation. Among them some told quite sad and melancholy stories.

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Here are 10 cartoons that, although unforgettable, made us a little uncomfortable:

1) Sweet Remì

Born in London to a noble English family, Remì is kidnapped while still in infants by order of his uncle who wishes to be the sole heir of the family fortunes. He is raised by a modest family that falls into misery. Then Remì begins to work as a traveling artist with Mr. Vitali, who however dies. The child is adopted by another family, but even in this case a hailstorm destroys the greenhouse and they too fall into disgrace. Sad enough.

2) Georgie

This cartoon dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century, when Australia was still a penal colony of England. One evening, Mr. Butman, a farmer, finds Georgie as a baby in the arms of her dying mother, probably escaped from a prison camp.

The woman asks him to look after the girl and Georgie is welcomed into the Butman family, made up of her father, mother Mary and two brothers Abel and Arthur, who will soon fall in love with her. The cartoon is full of tragic scenes related to war and misery.

3) Come on Sugar

Little Sugar is 5 years old and his mother is orphaned. He lives with his father Peter "Steel Fist" Pepper, ex-professional boxer, who dies after a match. Little Sugar decides to pursue a boxing career to fulfill his father's dream.

4) Lady Oscar

Cartoon set in France, in the last years of the Ancien Régime, which tells the life in the court of Versailles and the years of the revolution of 1789. In particular, it tells the story of Lady Oscar, a young noble woman educated as a man since childhood and commander of the Royal Guard, who acts as an escort to the royals of France. Beside her is André di lei, in love with her.

5) Pollyanna

This cartoon tells the story of Pollyanna Whittier, an eleven-year-old daughter of a pastor in an Anglican church. Her little girl is orphaned of both parents and goes to live with Aunt Polly, who is very austere and who takes care of the child only to respect her duties.


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6) Heidi

The series is set in the 5s. Little orphan Heidi lives with her Aunt Dete until she is XNUMX years old. The aunt, however, finds a job in Frankfurt and is therefore forced to entrust the child to her only relative in her life. The latter is the grandfather known as "the old man of the Alps", a gruff old man who lives far from everyone in a mountain house.

7) Anna with red hair

Little Anna was born in Bolinghroke in Nova Scotia to two high school teachers, who sadly died three months later of an infectious disease. The child is entrusted to Mrs. Thomas, a poor neighbor and an alcoholic husband. After the death of the latter, however, the little girl is entrusted to Mrs. Hammond, who lives with her husband and her 8 children in a poor shack. Later she Anna goes to an orphanage.

8) Candy Candy

Candy lives with her friend Annie at the Pony House orphanage. She keeps her most unlikely pet company, a raccoon named Klin.

She is soon adopted by a powerful aristocratic family, the Legans: Candy finds herself in a completely new environment for her.

9) Lovely Sara

Sara Morris is 10 years old and in 1885 her father decides to go to live in London from India and to enroll his daughter in a girls' boarding school. Sara is orphaned of her mother and has a deep relationship with her father. The child tries hard not to show her desperation for her separation.

10) Milly day after day

Milly and her mother travel to England from Japan to meet the girl's father, Viscount George Russell of Marble. On the way, the car in which the two are traveling is involved in a terrible accident and Milly's mother loses her life. So the little girl then moved to Casa Marble, the estate of Viscount George.



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Red-haired Anna, Heidi, Remì, Belle and Sébastien are among the cartoons that accompanied our childhood with their beautiful and poetic stories. Do not...

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