The 100 (and more) baby names most loved by parents

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The most loved names ever by parents? In the top three of the most popular names for boys and girls are Alice, Andrea and Sofia. There is no shortage of the most particular and elegant, such as Ginevra, Rebecca and Liam. Among the foreign ones stand out Liam, Thomas, Nicole, Isabel. Among the shorter ones Sara, Emma, ​​Gaia, Mario.

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Names for boys and girls: the ranking

  1. Alice. Of Celtic-Germanic origin, it means "good-looking, noble".
  2. Andrew. He is of Greek origin and means "man, virile, courageous, strong, indomitable".
  3. Sofia. Of Greek origin, it means "wisdom, knowledge, wisdom, science, knowledge".
  4. Greta. Of Greek-Latin origin, it means "precious, rare person".
  5.  Giulia. Latin origin. It means "she (or he) who descends from Jupiter or is devoted and dedicated to Jupiter".
  6. Emma. Gothic-Germanic origin. It means "strong, powerful".
  7. Geneva. Of Celtic-Gallic (and Norman) origin, it means "white spirit or genius, shining elf ".
  8. Alessandro, Alessandra, Alessia have in common an adverb written in their name: 'very much'. Therefore their personality is marked by fullness. A totally positive aura.
  9. Aurora has an artistic personality, genuine and balanced from a sentimental point of view because it is certainly inspired by the 'golden section' or 'golden number', i.e. the geometric and mathematical canon that governs all works of art: from painting to music.
  10. Martina. It has Latin origin and means "consecrated and dedicated to Mars".
  11. Lorenzo. Of Latin origin, it derives from 'Laurentius', "inhabitant of Laurento" or "city of laurel".
  12. Anna. Of Hebrew origin, it means "[divine] grace; piety, mercy".
  13. Clear. Of Latin origin, it means "shining, luminous, shining".
  14. Mattia thanks to the theophonic names (they have the word 'God' in them), the Matteo-Mattia family possess that 'divine' spark that makes them exceptional people in all fields, especially in affections and friendships. Surprising artistic inclinations.
  15. Giorgia. Of Greek origin, it means "he or she who works the land, farmer, peasant".
  16. Matteo. Of Hebrew origin, it means "man of God". But also "gift ['matath'] of God [Yāh, abbreviation of 'Yahweh': God, Iavè]".
  17. Beatrice. It comes from the Latin and means "she who makes or makes you blessed".
  18. Cristian. Greek-Latin origin. It means "follower of Christ, devoted and consecrated to Christ".
  19. Elena. Of Greek origin, it means "splendidly sunny".
  20. Rebecca. She of Jewish origin, she means she who throws the net, which she ensnares, she binds her with her thanks to her.
  21. Gaia. Of Latin origin, it means "lively, cheerful, joyful".
  22. Leonardo. Of Germanic origin, it means strong as a lion. The name day is celebrated on March 30, October 15 or November 6.
  23. Thomas
  24. Elisa
  25. Alessia. Of Greek Byzantine origin, it means "he who protects or saves".
  26. Francesco
  27. Edoardo to the Anglo-Saxon or Germanic sound hardness of the name corresponds to an acute sensitivity of soul that is the background to a strong, strong-willed and sociable personality. Good tendency to the multiple sectors of art.
  28. Riccardo
  29. Gabriele
  30. Davide
  31. Jade
  32. Arianna
  33. Marco
  34. Federico
  35. Sara
  36. Luca. Of Greek-Latin origin, it means "light".
  37. Francesca
  38. Daniele
  39. Matilda
  40. Adele
  41. Jacopo
  42. Noemi. Name of Hebrew origin, it means "gladness, sweetness, joy".
  43. Stefano
  44. Miriam has the same derivation as Maria, it means "beloved, dear". The name day is celebrated on April 2nd. The variants can be Myriam or Miryam.
  45. Carlotta
  46. Cloe
  47. John
  48. Vittoria
  49. Diego
  50. Filippo
  51. Melissa
  52. Maya means nurse, mother, creator.
  53. Joel
  54. Camilla
  55. Maria
  56. Valentina
  57. Niccolò
  58. Federica
  59. Margherita
  60. Claudia
  61. Emanuele
  62. Anita
  63. Asia
  64. Peter
  65. Amelia
  66. Ludovica
  67. Giulio
  68. Isabella is a variant of Elizabeth. Isabella has the WINGS to fly clear and serene in the skies of sincere and disinterested friendship. Selfless and sensitive, she doesn't spare herself even in daydreams.
  69. Simona
  70. Laura. Close affinity or lexical relationship with the Latin Lorenzo, the Russian Lara and the Greek Daphne.
  71.  Zoe
  72. Nicola
  73. Fabio
  74.  Giorgio
  75. Antonella
  76. Serena
  77. Anastasia has that 'divine' spark that makes her an exceptional person in all fields, especially in affections and friendships.
  78. Caterina
  79. Sonia
  80. Alessandra
  81. Fabrizio
  82. Teresa
  83. Clara
  84. Michele
  85. Joseph is a theophonic name that is, it contains within itself the divine name. And something divine carries within each namesake: divine which makes him a good, paternal-maternal and affectionate man. Ditto Giuseppina.
  86. Roberta
  87. Angelica. Name of Greek origin which means "messenger or nuncio". 
  88. Violet. Of Greek-Latin origin, she is a symbol of modesty.
  89. Paolo is a name of Latin origin which means "small in stature but also second born".
  90. Amber is a name of Arabic origin which means "splendor."
  91. Vanessa
  92. Desolino means "on the side of the rising sun".
  93. Lara
  94. Carolina
  95. Monica
  96. Maddalena
  97. Dario
  98. Mirko
  99. Nina
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Foreign names for boys and girls

  1. Nicole, sweet and euphonic even in her endearments, like Colette, Niki or Nicoletta, Nicole can only leave - inscribed in the name itself - 'HALOS of glory. Popular '.
  2. My. It is the Anglo-American variant of Maria. More and more in vogue lately.
  3. Noah
  4. Manual
  5. Liam is a name of Germanic origin and means "protected by the will".
  6. Marika
  7. Isabel is a variant of Elizabeth.
  8. Thomas
  9. Denise
  10. Desiree
  11. Ethan, name of Hebrew origin, with the meaning of "constant".
  12. Micol
  13. Soraya. Of info-Sanskrit-Persian origin, this name means "beautiful and shining like the sun and the moon together".
  14. Etienne, the French variant of Stephen.
  15. Sharon

Trend names of 2022

Among the trending names of 2022, we have selected those that are inspired by culture, the world of VIPs and reading.

Among the proposals:

  1. Emma
  2. Leonardo
  3. Greta
  4. Alberto
  5. Carlotta
  6. Frida
  7. Lion
  8. Aurora
  9. Andrea
  10. Life
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