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Being happy is easier than expected. You don't need money, villas, expensive cars or success: it is enough to give value to the little things that surround us and to commit ourselves to be the first promoters of our well-being.

In this regard the site WebMD has compiled a list of 15 simple steps to take to increase our happiness daily. Some are truly surprising in their "banality"!

1 - Let's walk with more vivacity!

Walking and posture have a direct effect on our mood. Strolling with the straight back swinging the arms to cadence the pace makes us safer and more positive.

2 - We smile

Aren't you right to be particularly happy? Who cares, smile and your expression it will change the "chemistry" of the brain making you feel better!

3 - "Help your neighbor"

It is not a biblical commandment, but advice that makes everyone feel better: both the helped and the one who helps. Engage in volunteering o lend a hand to a friend in need it will greatly improve our mental attitude.

4 - Let's make new friends!

We broaden our horizons, we expand our knowledge, we give a chance to the colleague in the office or to gym mates. Man is a "social" animal and the more relationships you have, the better you feel!

5 - We mark the positive things

Let's put it down list of everything that goes in the right direction: family, friends, personal successes big and small, etc ...

By doing so, when we have a bad day we will be able to reread the list and review everything from a different perspective.

6 - Plastic moccasins!

Exercise - even a few minutes a day - makes us feel good and "melts" stress, chasing away negativity.

7 - Let's not get bitter blood for trifles

Have we been wronged? We forgive. Did they hurt us? We forget. Hate and resentment poison our mind. Living in peace with others helps you to be calm with yourself.


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8 - Let's meditate

Meditation, autogenic training, Mindfulness... They are not just new age fashions, but excellent practices to be carried out daily to easily reach new mental paths towards happiness.

9 - Let's set up a new "sound"!

La music it can help us a lot to channel positive energies. No poignant playlists though, just sprint hits!

10 - Let's enjoy a well deserved rest

A rested body is a happy body. Sleeping refreshes us and makes us more proactive during the day. Fundamental!

11 - Let's keep our goals in mind

Having goals keeps us alive. Knowing that dissatisfaction, mistakes and anger are steps towards personal success is decisive for overcoming any obstacle and achieving happiness.

12 - Stop our critical self

We accept what life offers us, or at least nWe do not look critically at everything that does not present itself as "perfect". We appreciate good things and patience if we could do better. Obviously, however, noIt is not necessary to exaggerate in the other direction and letting go without ever wanting to improve the situation.

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13 - We set realistic goals

Great to aim higher and higher, but be unrealistic it could make us fall into despair in the face of probable failure. We evaluate step by step the evolution of the situation e let's start with small daily goals (ex: "today he will never raise his voice")

14 - Let's surround ourselves with positive people

Positivity calls positivity. If our relational circle is made up of positive people, it will more make us cheer up during difficult times. Conversely, dealing with negative people could turn out to be true ballast!

15 - We do not hesitate to ask for help from an expert

If we really feel unhappy the causes may be deeper than we think. Better then consult a specialist to fight depression methodically and smile again!

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