The 19 things you should NEVER say to a pregnant woman

The 19 things you should NEVER say to a pregnant woman

"Whoever has a long tongue has a short life!" This is the motto of those who dare to talk too much with a pregnant woman on certain "delicate" issues. Which? The food, the cravings, the weight, the shopping, the choice of the child's name, the tiredness and ... many others!

So here are 19 phrases or topics that should be avoided with a pregnant woman. Nice and funny advice for relatives and friends, but above all for the partner freely taken from the site

1 - Hey, are you still eating?

It is normal for a pregnant woman's appetite to increase, especially in the second trimester of pregnancy. You, on the other hand, have no excuse for the two mega-pizzas with ham, mushrooms, artichokes, sausage and onion that you ate yesterday ...


(from the forum: I'm pregnant and ... I'm always hungry!)


2 - But when is this beer good?

During the nine months it would be best not to drink alcohol. Not all women are happy about having to avoid a toast all together. So ... it's best to avoid bragging about your drinking skills or the goodness of freshly drunk beer.

3 - Oh my! This house is a real mess!

If you're tempted to say this, shut your mouth and roll up your hands to clean up the house. The gesture will certainly be appreciated.

4 - The color of the bedroom? I don't care, you choose too

Dear partner, if your partner is asking you for advice on the color of the bedroom, it is not because you are an interior designer or because of your strong furnishing skills, but because she wants to involve you and feel involved in the pregnancy. So get off the couch and make a "curious" face while she is showing you various shades of pink or blue.

5 - Do you want to talk MORE about the baby's name?

Choosing the baby's name is the first real act of responsibility you will take to become a parent. It's important! Work hard and make less of a bored face. (See also our database with baby names)

6 - Why do we still have to shop for the newborn?

It is important for a future mother to go and buy the baby's clothes. Put on a big smile and go with her! Aimed at partners, relatives, but also friends!

7 - Ti plastic?

A pregnant woman, especially when she's nearing due date, tends to sway a little penguin style (and you would sway too if you had a nine month old baby inside you)! So it's no wonder she doesn't move like Speedy Gonzales.

8 - Are you really crying about this?

Hormones are in turmoil in the body of an expectant mother ... therefore, every crying fit must be accepted without saying a word. (Read also: Crying a lot during pregnancy, is it normal?)

9 - Sorry honey, I didn't find banana juice but ... I got you a banana !!

Birthmarks in pregnancy are not to be underestimated. If you left home for a specific mission, try to return with the mission accomplished. It's for your own good. (Read: Birthmarks in pregnancy, all truths)

10 - I quickly leafed through that children's book you left me. I KNOW EVERYTHING!

It's okay to quickly flip through a magazine or television manual, but not the baby book! You will be happy to have read it after the baby arrives ... (Read also: 40 days after giving birth)

11 - The baby won't be here for months ... what's the point of arranging the guest room?

A pregnant woman has the innate instinct of wanting / having to fix her "nest". In any case, the room will have to be sorted, what does it cost you to fix it now?

12 - This pregnancy is difficult for me too

True, not everything is easy, but NEVER compare yourself to a pregnant woman. NEVER.

13 - Wow, Beyonce had a baby and look what a physique she has now!

Weight for a pregnant woman is a sensitive subject. She will surely be wondering if she will ever be able to shed all the pounds put on her during pregnancy. It is not comforting to be compared or even to think of a superstar with a 24/24 personal trainer and genetically blessed with luck.

14 - You don't need me in the next check, do you?

No, she doesn't need it, but she'd really like you to be there. She also wishes you were there when you listen to your baby's heartbeat together ...

15 - Calm down a little ...

There is no sentence that can be more irritating. Especially when your hormones are in turmoil, you can't sleep, you feel nauseous in the morning and can't stand your favorite food anymore.

16 - You've always been tired lately ...

In fact ... maybe she's been a little pregnant lately?

17 - All pregnant women get a little scared ... but it's normal!

The fact is: until you are sure that everything is fine, you better shut up. Better take your fears seriously

18- What about "MY" back massage?

You may not get many massages, but you are not carrying a nine month old baby inside you and above all you don't have to give him birth.

19 - I assure you that I would be good "pregnant"

You might be too, but no mom-to-be wants to hear that. Also because, we assure you, it would be much harder than you can imagine now ...

And finally, at least a phrase that all future dads should say: "You are beautiful and I have never been so proud and in love with you as now"

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