The 20 most popular American names in the US

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American names

In Del Paese the most common names are Sofia and Leonardo, but if you are curious to find out which ones are American names most popular in the United States, here's what the updated rankings tell us. You may find the right inspiration if you are expecting a baby and need to choose the right name. Do you love foreign and different names? Are you sifting through books and lists of names for the most popular boys and girls? Here are some suggestions that come directly from overseas! And maybe you may find that, in some ways, things are not that different from what happens here in Del Paese: for example Sophia, Emma, ​​but also Lucas or Liam (who is having growing success in Del Paese too) are names also very popular with us.

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The most popular female names in the US

  1. Olivia: means "coming from the olive tree"
  2. Emma: means "kind", but also "strong and powerful"
  3. Ava: means "mother of the living"
  4. Charlotte: means "valiant, daring"
  5. Sophia: means "wisdom"
  6. Amelia: means "hardworking"
  7. Isabella: means "God is fullness"
  8. Mia: Hebrew-Aramaic origin, 'Maryâm' means "lady"
  9. Evelyn: it means "thanks"
  10. Harper

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The most popular male names in the USA

  1. Liam: is the diminutive of William and means "will to protect"
  2. Noah: a name of Hebrew origin which means "he who restores"
  3. Oliver: comes from the Latin and means "coming from the olive tree"
  4. Elijah: it means "the true God is Yahvé"
  5. William
  6. James: Faithful follower of God, "God protects"
  7. Benjamin: means "favorite son"
  8. Lucas: comes from the Latin and means "light"
  9. Henry: it means "strong at home"
  10. Alexander: comes from the Greek and means "protector of men"

Consult also the database of names of you will find the meaning, the curiosities, the origin of over 6.000 names from Del Paeseni and foreigners

As you can see, this ranking reflects the desire for novelty, but also the attachment to tradition of American parents. we always find in the first places Liam - for the fourth consecutive year - while the more traditional Henry e Alexander enter the top ten.

As far as female names are concerned, Olivia is still in first place this year, and also Emma and Ava they remain on the same steps as the podium.

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Trendy American male names

Short and trendy American male names remain etched in the memory and are always surrounded by a typically Yankee charm.


Unlike our "Adam" it is a very popular name that "stays in the head".


An Anglo-Saxon derivative of the term black (black), it is a very "rock" name, which exudes charisma.


Although it may seem strange, the origin of the name is Greek and means "winner" (from the Greek nike, victory, the same root as our Nicolò or "Nicola)


Stars and stripes version of Daniel, the originr is Hebrew-Aramaic ('dayan' = judge) and means "my judge is God"


Of Welsh origin, it can be translated as "son of the sea or the wave or the tide".


Nordic name deriving from the Norse language Eiríkr, which can be translated more or less as "he who always reigns".


Gary's origin is very dubious, but that hasn't stopped the name from becoming very common and popular


Same root as James, it means "God protected". There is also the name day, which falls on July 25 and April 11.


One of the American names par excellence, equivalent of our John (with relative name days).


English variant of Marco, but of sure effect thanks to the decisive sound of the pronunciation.


From Paul Newman onwards, a name that guarantees charm and charm galore.


The origin is Irish, derived (Ó Riain) and means "descendant of Rían". The name is very common among actors and characters of the star system.

The 20 most common names Del Paeseni

The most up-to-date ranking is published by Istat, the Del Paeseno Statistical Institute, with data from 2022. 

Compared to the previous year Leonardo and Francesco maintain the first and second place in the standings. Alessandro overtakes Lorenzo and takes third place.

Here is the 2022 ranking with the most used baby names:

  1. Leonardo
  2. Francesco
  3. Alessandro
  4. Lorenzo
  5. Mattia
  6. Thomas
  7. Gabriele
  8. Andrea
  9. Riccardo
  10. Edoardo

Here is the 2022 ranking with the most used names for girls. Sofia always remains in first position, while, compared to the previous year, Aurora returns to third position overtaken by Giulia.

  1. Sofia
  2. Giulia
  3. Aurora
  4. Geneva
  5. Alice
  6. Beatrice
  7. Emma
  8. Giorgia
  9. Vittoria
  10. Matilda

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