The 20 things your baby desperately tries to tell you

What would your baby tell you if he could only talk?

Chris Cate, father of three children aged 5, 2 and 0 has compiled on his parentnormal website. com the list of 20 things your child would love to tell you. And that maybe you still haven't understood.

  1. I don't care when it's tender and sweet. This onesie makes me scratch all over!
  2. Oh no! I just dropped my pacifier by accident. I'll never be able to reach it again. Help me!
  3. Maybe if I stopped touching and rubbing my head, I wouldn't be so bald yet! What do you think, that rubbing it brings you luck?
  4. Move your head from there. I can't see the fan blades on the ceiling.
  5. My nose is NOT a button. You stop touching and crushing it. And tell everyone.
  6. Someone needs to brush their teeth and we're not talking about the only person in here who doesn't (and I'm not talking about grandma ...)
  7. I don't like being completely covered in gruel from ear to ear from that airplane that keeps getting close to my mouth. Can you tell the pilot to slow down a bit? (Also take the test: can you understand your newborn's language?)
  8. Would you like to be called "dwarf" or "stink"? Think about it.
  9. Nobody MAKES YOU WEAR seat belts in the restaurant. Why am I still here all tied up as on salami?
  10. Stop smiling. Don't you understand that I'm trying to hold these colored keys in my hand? And is it frustrating to see you laugh at it?
  11. How do you think someone who doesn't have control of their bladder gets warm when they want? (Ten seconds later). I didn't think my pee could get cold that fast. Caaaa change me!
  12. It's not my fault that I get sick. You haven't washed my soother in the last three days!
  13. Maybe I should ask you "sorry". But that might not be enough since I just spat on your dress and will make you late for work ...
  14. Did you understand that I don't understand you sometimes either?
  15. There is a diaper in these pajamas. Take it off, take it off!
  16. Don't take my diaper off now. No, no, no, no. Too late. I had warned you.
  17. If you make even the slightest mistake with those nail scissors, pray for yourself that you have made it to my last finger. Because I'm going to take revenge by scratching everything that comes within range.
  18. I'm crying because my baby monitor doesn't have a screen. And so I can't see you.
  19. If you try to sing me another baby song three inches from my face one more time ... well, then you're begging me to sneeze into your mouth!
  20. Are you teasing my balance by putting me on the floor so I can learn to walk? I won't forget it that easily ...

How to understand the baby's language

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Difficult to communicate without words. Yet babies do it! Already in the first months, with the position of the hands or with the body they try to make us understand what they want and how they feel.

Updated on 01.01.2022

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