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Names for girls

What are the most popular female names of 2022? And what about 2022? For the parents of there is no doubt.

Here is the ranking of the top 50 names for girls with relative meaning. But that's not all: you can also find the names that came out of the ranking, the most original ones for girls and short, vintage and foreign female names. If you want to discover others baby girl names, you can consult our database which contains over 6 thousand names from Del Paeseni and foreigners.

In this article

  • Names dropped out of the chart
  • Special baby names
  • Short baby girl names
  • Vintage baby girl names
  • Foreign baby names
  • Uncommon baby girl names
  • Female names: the most beautiful of 2022
  • Female names: the top ten of 2022 or 2022
  • Sweet female names
  • Strange female names


Names dropped out of the chart:

  1. maya,
  2. Simona,
  3. Zoe,
  4. Cloe,
  5. Denise,
  6. Amelia,
  7. Marika,
  8. valentina,
  9. Desiree,
  10. serene,
  11. Federica,
  12. Stefania,
  13. antonella,
  14. Life,
  15. frida,
  16. Louise,
  17. Monica,
  18. Isabelle.

Particular baby names:

  1. undine,
  2. Petra,
  3. frida,
  4. Penelope,
  5. Daphne,
  6. Violante,
  7. Guendalina,
  8. Dolphin,
  9. Electra,
  10. Miranda.

Short baby girl names:

  1. Alma
  2. Being,
  3. Island,
  4. Egle,
  5. Febe,
  6. Ida,
  7. India,
  8. Iris,
  9. Leah,
  10. Nives.

Vintage baby girl names:

  1. Elvira,
  2. Rita,
  3. Sister,
  4. Vanda,
  5. adalgisa,
  6. Amelia,
  7. Iole,
  8. Seraphina,
  9. evelina,
  10. Antonia.

Foreign baby girl names:

  1. Soraya,
  2. Jasmine,
  3. Zahra,
  4. Sharon,
  5. Guadeloupe,
  6. Sawana,
  7. Lilibeth,
  8. Amabel,
  9. Flower,
  10. Hester.

Uncommon baby girl names:

  1. Alesia
  2. Betta
  3. Bice
  4. Cesira
  5. Clara 
  6. Fabiola
  7. Fabrizia
  8. Judith
  9. Lena
  10. Nina
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Female names of 2022, inspirations

Among the inspirations for names for girls dl 2022 more interesting to consider for the baby there are also:

  • Aria
  • Ava
  • Elena
  • Eliana
  • Ella
  • Emilia
  • Evelyn
  • Luna

Among the female names inspired by movies and cartons hilt according to Istat it had a second life especially in the two-year period 2022-2022 following the release of the Disney film Frozen.

1) Sofia

Wisdom, knowledge, wisdom, science, knowledge: Sofia has these and many other qualities inherent in the name itself. She is also the name of a goddess of wisdom from Greek mythology.

2) Giulia

Pre-Christian name of Latin origin, it is dedicated to the one who descends from Jupiter or a devotee to him. The son of Aeneas, Julo gave birth to the gens Iulia, whose most famous exponent was Gaius Julius Caesar. He celebrates the name day on May 22nd.

3) Alice

"Noble and handsome": this is the meaning of Alice, a name of Celtic-Germanic origin. It is among the most popular in the world and it is impossible not to remember the protagonist of the famous novel by Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland". A euphonic name, sweet and melodious, which fully reflects the person who wears it.

4) Aurora

Aurora has an artistic personality, genuine and balanced from a sentimental point of view. The meaning of her name is "reddish", "luminous", "shining".

5) Geneva

Of Celtic-Gallic origin, Geneva means "white spirit or genius": in Cimbrian in fact "gwen" stands for "white" and "hwyfar" for "spirit".

6) Emma

Of Germanic-Gothic origin, Emma means "gentle". A curiosity: the German variant "Imma" overlaps the diminutive of Immaculate in Del Paese. Who bears this name is a person with a sweet soul, who combines intelligence and ingenuity with a strong spirit of initiative.

7) Giorgia

It is the feminine variant of Giorgio: of Greek origin, this name is directly linked to agriculture and life in the fields. Giorgia's name day is dedicated to Saint Giorgia, Virgin of Clermont, and falls on February 15th.

8) Greta

It is a variant of the name Margherita: it should derive from the Scandinavian version of this name - Greta, in fact - or German, that is Grete, Gretchen, Gretel and Gretah. The meaning is "pearl", but also figuratively, "precious person".

9) Martina

Of Latin origin, Martina means "consecrated to Mars". Nonetheless, she belongs to a child with a noble, affectionate and steadfast soul. You can celebrate the name day on January 30, on the occasion of Santa Martina martyr.

10) Beatrice

Of Latin origin, Beatrice is auspicious and dedicated to "the one who makes one blessed and contented". Many European sovereigns have been baptized with this name; however the most famous Beatrice is undoubtedly the one loved and sung by Dante in his works. Nameday to choose between 18/19 January, 13 February or 29 July.

11) Anna

Hebrew name, it means "Grace [divine]; pity, mercy; gracious, blessed, beneficial". The name day is celebrated on July 26 to celebrate Sant'Anna, mother of the Virgin Mary, wife of San Gioachino and therefore grandmother of Jesus.

12) Chiara

From the Latin "clarus", it means "shining, luminous, shining" and, in translation, "famous, well-known, illustrious, distinguished". Persevering and intelligent.


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13) Sara

From Hebrew Sārāh 'means "princess", "queen", "lady". Sarah is the famous biblical bride: she the wife of Abraham, at the age of 90 she gave birth to her son Isaac. As for her character, she is sweet and firm at the same time. You have a penchant for art.

14) Nicole

Sweet and euphonic even in her endearments, such as Colette, Niki or Nicoletta, Nicole means "winner in and with the people", but also "she who fights and wins for her people".

15) Ludovica

Variant of Luisa. Euphonic name (with a sweet sound) and persuasive. It means "illustrious fighter, famous warrior".

16) Gaia

Of uncertain origin: it could derive from the Saxon or the Greek. Even the meaning can therefore be different: "lively", "cheerful", "joyful" or "nurse", or even "jay", a bird that feeds on acorns.


Special baby girl names

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17) Matilda

Variant of Tilde, it is of Germanic origin and means "strong in battle" or "she who fights with strength". The name is historically linked to the countess Matilda di Canossa who supported Pope Gregory VII against Henry IV, who in the castle of Canossa recognized her mistakes, repented and asked the pope for forgiveness. She celebrates the name day on March 15th.

18) Victory

Of Latin origin, Vittoria is the one who wins over evil. A good omen for a lifetime!

19) Naomi

Noemi comes from Hebrew and has the meaning of "gladness", "sweetness", "joy", "enthusiasm". The name, in itself joyful, spreads sympathy and trust: each Noemi is a contagious breath of friendship, joy and happiness.

20) Francesca

It means "French", "related to France". Classic name that for some time disappeared, only to return in great revival also thanks to the name of the pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio who, for the first time in the series of his 266 predecessors, chose Francesco as his own religious name.

21) Alessia

It comes from the Greek "alexo" and is "she who protects or saves [from various dangers]": it is to be considered a shortening of Alessandra. Her personality is characterized by fullness and dynamism. A totally positive aura.

22) Camilla

This name has Phoenician-Hebrew origin and is the female variant of Camillus: it derives from the name given to the young man who was in charge of sacred ceremonies, and means "minister or messenger" (of God). Whoever wears it has a personality with a poetic and very sensitive soul, delicate in friendships. He aspires to beauty and perfection even in romantic relationships.

23) White

It means "white, shiny complexion". She is a dominatrix but her authority is imposed without forcing. Bianca, in addition to her leadership qualities, combines cheerfulness, good humor and the love that she gleefully radiates around her.

24) Ariadne

"Honored as sacred and pure": this is the meaning of Ariadne, from the Greek. In Greek mythology she is the one who helped Theseus, thanks to ingenuity and thread, to defeat the Minotaur and save himself.

25) Rebecca

Rebecca has Hebrew origin and means "bond" or "snare" and, figuratively, she who puts the yoke on the oxen or who unites; but also the one who throws the net, who ensnares, captivates with her graces. Or even "who has a joyful heart". She was the name of the wife of Isaac, daughter-in-law of Abraham, mother at about 60 years of Esau and Jacob.

26) Elena

From the Greek, Elena means "splendidly sunny". Not surprisingly, in Greek mythology Elena was a divinity of light, daughter of Zeus: her name gravitates in the same etymological and semantic orbit of Elio, Eliana, Eleonora. The wearer has a harmonious personality, just like her name.

27) Purple

Fitonym: name of the plant with purple flowers (in Greek 'ion'), symbol of sadness and modesty. Viola is also the proper musical instrument.

28) Mine

An Anglo-American and multilingual variant of Maria, Mia means "Afflicted and embittered" (for the death of Jesus), but also "lady", "mistress", or "beloved".

29) Elisa

Diminutive variant of the original Elizabeth, it means "God is fullness". Primitive form of the name is Elissa, alias Dido, the queen of Carthage who was unhappy lover of Aeneas, destined to abandon her to found the city.

30) Jade

Of Franco-Iberian origin: in Spanish "ijada" means "stone in the side", because it is considered miraculous against back pains. In analogy with the gemstone of the same name, Jade has a "bright" character, a "pure" mind and a "precious" aura. The anniversary is celebrated on November 1, because it was named adhespoto or rather without the patron saint of the same name.

31) Adele

Adele is a person with "Nobility of lineage, appearance [and soul]". Her name comes from Germanic and is sweet and euphonic.

32) Martha

Marta has already written in her name the PLOT of life: simplicity, devotion, friendship, sincerity and dedication to the family. With a pinch of whimsy ...

33) Joy

It means "precious object" and also "that brings joy". The name day is December 15th.

34) Asian

Ethnic name (corònimo, i.e. region name) dating back to the time of the city. It means "light", "east" and, by extension, "dawn", "solar". The name day is celebrated on July 27, in memory of St. Asia the Doctor: originally, it was a male name.

35) Mary

From the Hebrew-Aramaic Maryâm, it means "afflicted and embittered" (for the death of Jesus) or "lady", "mistress" and "beloved". The name day is 12 September.

36) Elizabeth

English diction of the French Isabelle, Isabel is a very common name of Iberian origin in Spain and Latin America. It has the same root and equivalent meaning as Elisabeth. The origin is Hebrew, in whose language Eli, Lord, is one of the appellations of God: "God is my oath". With this name the Gospel remembers the cousin of Mary, mother of St. John the Baptist. The name day is celebrated on 8 July.

37) Melissa

In Greek "lemon balm" means "bee": by extension therefore the proper name means "good and sweet like honey". Charm, sweetness and love are natural connotations that make every Melissa nice.

38) Carlotta

Carlotta is the feminine variant of Carlo and means "strong", "valiant", but also "sovereign".

39) Eleonora

Its meaning is "grown in the light". The name day falls on February 21st.

40) Miriam

It has the same derivation as Maria, it means "beloved", "dear". The name day is celebrated on April 2nd. The variants can be Myriam or Miryam.

41) Emily

The sweet and sonorous name corresponds to a lively and dynamic personality, which is also cloaked in charm.

42) Irene

Irene in Greek means "peace". Santa Irene is celebrated on 20 October, 1 April and 28 July. A variant is Irina.

43) Daisy

Of Greek-Latin origin, Margherita means "pearl" and, figuratively, a precious, rare person. She is not just a flower, but a person linked to the sea, the land, art.

44) Anna

Spanish variant of Anna. With and after Andrea and Maria, Anna is the most common female name in the world.

45) Blessed

It means "blessed by God". Benedict is remembered on March 21st.

46) Catherine

The tender Caterina has a… not bad 'darting' temper, supported by an intelligence that is also lively. She is pure faith in her own artistic abilities as well.

47) Azure

It means 'sapphire' and, by extension, as bright as sapphire or, by analogy, as serene and pure as the color of the sky.

48) Eve

It means "she who gives life, who makes fruitful". Short and euphonic name that, when reflected in the mirror, forms another: 'Ave'. Not bad for a double greeting of good luck!

49) Rachel

From Rahel, it means "little sheep". St. Rachel is remembered on September 30th. The Rachel variant is also widespread. Rachel is lovable and rebellious.

50) Cecilia

It comes from the adjective caecus, that is "blind". Santa Cecilia is celebrated on November 22nd.

Names dropped out of the chart

Here are other female names that are in the ranking after the top fifty.


Of Greek-Latin origin, it has the meaning of "nurse", mother "," creator ". The name of the month of May, month of fruits and flowers, derives from Maia, the fertilizer. In mythology, Maia is a beautiful nymph aquatic of the Pleiades that Zeus or Jupiter made mother of Hermes or Mercury.


"God has listened to [my voice]": this is the meaning of Simona, a name of Hebrew or Greek origin. The Simonetta variant is also very popular. Who wears it is distinguished by wit and wit, love of art, inclination to science and dedication to sport.


A truly mythological name: it derives from the Greek Chloe, "soft green grass", epithet of Demeter, the Greek goddess of nature. Little used in Del Paese, it is a classic and literary name that spread from the Renaissance, with the rediscovery of the Greek and Latin classics. Chloe is the shepherdess in love with the shepherd Dafni, protagonist of the Greek work by Longo Sofista, written in the third century AD and entitled "Pastoral loves of Chloe and Daphni". She is an Adhespot name celebrated on November 1st.


A multilingual French female variant of Dionysus, Denise means precisely "Devotee or consecrated to Diòniso", the Greek god of nature and joy. Denise is an eclectic personality, lively and at the same time sweet, with a strong and strong-willed character and inclined to the arts and sciences.


From the Greek "life". Zoe is semantically equivalent to Eve (Hauuah), as the name of the first biblical woman seems to derive from the root - in Sanskrit echo - "to live" (hayah). Sweet and euphonic name that however denotes a variable character: from strong and bold to submissive and resigned. The name day can be celebrated on 2 May in memory of Santa Zoe, a young slave who was martyred with her husband and two children at the stake, because she had refused to abjure and adore the idols of the pagans.


Female variant of Amalia, the name is of Germanic-Ostrogothic origin and means "active", "hardworking". Charm, balance, activism, method and eloquence are the characteristics that distinguish each Amelia.


Sanskrit in the Greek way, it means "luminous", "shining". Marika is an adhespoto name that is without a saint of the same name but you can celebrate either September 12 (name of the Virgin Mary) or April 13, the name of the blessed Marice di Cannaiola di Trevi. The wearer is a wise and eccentric child, capable of dealing with all sorts of unexpected events.


From the Latin, Valentina is "she who is worth", "she who is in good health". It is an auspicious name: the baby girl is always in shape! A curiosity: in France and Great Britain, the cards that lovers exchange are called "valentines".


French feminine variant of Deso, Desiree has Latin origin and means "without stars", however as a counterpoint it can be: "to be favored" or "protected by the stars".


Quiet, peaceful, peaceful: Serena is a name of Latin origin. In spite of the meaning, the wearer is a person inclined by nature to challenge himself, engaging his strength in rather risky activities.


Germanic name, Federica as its masculine counterpart means "rich ['rich'] in peace ['Frithu'], powerful in peace, lord who protects".


From the Greek "stephanos", it means "Garland" [of martyrdom], [encircled with] "crown". Celebrate the name day on December 26, Santo Stefano, protomartyr, or September 18 in memory of Saint Stephanie virgin and French martyr.


Female variant of, Antonella is "the one who precedes, confronts, fights". Firmness and rigor distinguish the character of those who bear this name.


Female name of Latin origin. It is the Vito variant. It means: life, to live; vitality, energy ...


A name of Germanic origin, increasingly used in recent years thanks to the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, derives from frithu, "peace". The name day is September 25th.


It is the feminine and sweet variant of Luigi. Of Franco-Germanic origin. It has an important meaning: illustrious fighter, glorious in battle (but, for another source, also wise).


Monica is a name of Greek origin. It means: hermit, alone, solitary… ['Monos / Monikos / Monakos' in Greek = one only].


Isabella is a variant of Elizabeth. Isabella has the WINGS to fly clear and serene in the skies of sincere and disinterested friendship. Selfless and sensitive, she doesn't spare herself even in daydreams.

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Special baby names

Do you want to give your daughter a special name? Are you looking for one that evokes original meanings and is really special? We suggest the following female names.


It derives from the name Onda which is a diminutive of names such as Raimonda, Gioconda ... The name is adhespota, that is, it is not carried by any saint, therefore the name day falls on November 1st, All Saints' Day.


Latin name, means stone, rock. Nameday: 29 June (San Pietro Apostolo, with San Paolo) or 31 May (Santa Petronilla of the martyr city).


Germanic name. The name day is celebrated on November 1st, All Saints' Day. To remember with this name the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.


Greek name: in the Odyssey Penelope was the wife of Ulysses. Nameday: May 5th. Among the famous people with this name is the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. It is also the name given by the singer Gianna Nannini to her daughter born in 2022. |


It comes from the Greek and means "laurel", according to the myth Daphne was a nymph who, in order to escape the god Apollo, who fell in love with her, was transformed into a laurel plant. The name day can be celebrated on 1 November, for the feast of All Saints.


Name of Latin origins and means "similar to violets". Name day: May 6: Saint Violante Pelletta, Poor Clare nun. With this name the singer and actress Violante Placido


Name of Welsh origin, it means "the white, the bright". The name day is celebrated on 4 and 14 October. The variants are Guenda and Wendalina.


Name of Greek origins. It derives from the word delphis, "uterus", or it can mean "coming from Delphi" or indicate an honorific title given to the lords of the Dauphiné. The name day falls on December 24th.


Greek name. In the mythology she is the daughter of Agamemnon who with her brother Orestes avenges the death of her father at the hands of her wife and mother Clytemnestra. Elektron means "shining object". The name day is celebrated on 14 October. With this name the model Elettra Rossellini, daughter of Isabella Rossellini.


Latin name, derives from the gerund of the verb "mirari", with the auspicious meaning of "will be worthy of admiration". A variant can be Mirella. Nameday 1st November. Miranda is a character in William Shakespeare's "The Tempest".

Short baby girl names

If you are looking for short and beautiful baby girl names, you can choose one of them below.


It comes from the Latin and means "nourishing". The term "alma mater" is used to indicate the Madonna as "nursing mother". The name day can be celebrated on November 1st.


It comes from the Latin and is the diminutive of Beatrice, which means: "she who makes you happy". The name day can be celebrated on January 18th. With this name the actress Del Paesena Bice Valori.

To give

Germanic name. It literally means "of noble stock". Sant'Ada is remembered on June 28 and December 4. Ada Lovelace (1815-1850) was an English mathematician best known for her work on the analytical engine.


Of Greek origin. It means "shining, fleeting". It was the name of the mother of the Graces.


It comes from the Greek and means "brilliant", "pure", "bright". The name day is celebrated on 3 September in memory of Saint Phoebe of Corinth. Phoebe Buffay is one of the female protagonists of the television series Friends.


Germanic origins. It comes from id, "work, activity". The name day is celebrated on January 15th and April 13th.


Name inspired by the country India. Nameday: 1st November, on the occasion of All Saints' Day.


It comes from the Greek and means "messenger of the gods". The name day can be celebrated on November 1st. The name spread in Del Paese following the work of Pietro Mascagni "Iris" in 1898.


It comes from the Latin and means "lioness". The name day is celebrated on March 22 in memory of Santa Lea of ​​the city.


It comes from the Latin and means "snow". It is a name linked to the cult of Santa Maria della Neve. The name day is celebrated on August 5th.

Vintage female names

If you think of a vintage name that evokes the past and is refined at the same time, choose one of the following.


Of Germanic origin, it means "cheerful". The name day is celebrated on January 27th.


It means little pearl and is celebrated on May 22nd.


Variant of Emma, ​​it means "great, powerful". It is celebrated on April 19th or June 27th.


Of Germanic origin.


Always of Germanic origins, it means "arrow that gives nobility".


A variant is Amalia. Germanic origins. It means: active, hardworking. Name day: January 5th. Amelia is also the name of "the witch who bewitches", a character from Disney comics.


Name of Greek origins, it means purple. In Greek mythology Iole is a princess whom Heracles falls in love with.


Hebrew name, it means to burn. Nameday: 12 October.


Germanic name, it means: thanksgiving but also law, reason. The English variant Evelyn was very popular between 1910 and 1930 and returned to fashion in 2000.


Name of Etruscan or Greek-Latin origin. It means the one who precedes, confronts, fights; or flourishing, useful. Nameday January 17.

Names for foreign girls

Here are some very beautiful foreign names for baby girls. There is no shortage of exotic ones!


Name of Indo - Sanskrit - Persian origin. It means "the sun and the moon together". The name day can be celebrated on the occasion of All Saints' Day, on November 1st. Among the famous homonymous actress Del Paesena Soraya Castillo.


Name of Persian origin. It means: mulberry flower. Name day: 1st November. With this name the actress Del Paesena Jasmine Trinca.


Name of Persian origin. It means "brilliant", "resplendent". The name day can be celebrated on the occasion of All Saints' Day, on November 1st.


Name of Hebrew origin. It means "plain". The name day can be celebrated on the occasion of All Saints' Day on November 1st. Among the famous people with this name the actress Sharon Stone.


Name of Spanish origin. Etymologically, the name derives from the toponym of the Guadalupe river, located near the monastery of the same name in Extremadura (Spain). The name day is celebrated on December 12, for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Name of African origin. It means savannah. the name day could be celebrated on 1 November.


Sweet compromise between Annabel and Amanda, it was a very popular name during the Middle Ages.


What's more delicate and cool than a little girl named "Fiore"?


It is the name of the heroine of the Scarlet Letter, very popular in England.


Lilibeth, a very sweet diminutive of Elizabeth, is a name full of charm.

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Uncommon female names from the Paeseni

Particular, rare and refined: here is a list of uncommon female Del Paeseni names to take into consideration for the baby on the way.

Here are some names that, however, have not met the taste of the new generation for some time. Names stored in the drawer and which can become a unique and characterful choice.


Uncommon variant of Alessia (or perhaps Alice) which, however, is quite widespread in some Balkan regions. The name could also originate from an ancient city in Gaul.


A somewhat outdated contraction of "Elizabeth, whose meaning is" God is my oath "(from Hebrew).


A short name, which immediately stands out. It is the contraction of Beatrie, but in the past it was used as a proper name.


The origin is uncertain, although many trace the name to a variant of Caesar. The meaning? "She who has blue-green eyes".


It is a familiar name, but not very popular among the new generations. Is it time to bring it back?


Feminine diminutive of "Fabio", but not as common as its masculine counterpart.


Widely used in the seventies, recently the "Fabrizie" are quite rare.


Another name of Hebrew derivation (meaning "praised") and with a bit vintage hints.


Diminutive of Maddalena, but who bears this name celebrates a name day apart because there is a Santa Lena, celebrated on 12 December.


For a long time considered a somewhat old name, lately it is making a comeback, also due to the choice of some VIPs (eg: Alessandro Cattelan) to call their daughters this way.


A beautiful name that means "she who makes God's will known". The Sibyl was in fact a famous prophetess of Apollo able to predict the future.


Coming from the Latin silva, "wood", "forest" (which can therefore be translated more or less as "forest dweller, this name has not been used for a while but always exerts a certain charm.


"Alba" in Hebrew. The name is widely used abroad.

Female names: the most beautiful of 2022

50 Most Popular Names On The Web For Baby Girls

  1. Sofia,
  2. Julia,
  3. Alice, 
  4. Dawn,
  5. Geneva,
  6. Emma, 
  7. Giorgia,
  8. Greta,
  9. Martina,
  10. Beatrice,
  11. Anna 
  12. Clear, 
  13. Will be, 
  14. Nicole,
  15. Ludovica,
  16. Gaia,
  17. Matilda,
  18. Victory,
  19. Noemi,
  20. Francesca,
  21. Alessia,
  22. Camilla,
  23. bianca,
  24. Arianna,
  25. Rebecca,
  26. Elena,
  27. Violet,
  28. My, 
  29. Elise,
  30. Jade,
  31. Adele,
  32. Marta,
  33. Joy,
  34. Asia,
  35. Mary 
  36. Isabel,
  37. Melissa,
  38. Carlotta,
  39. Eleonora,
  40. Miriam,
  41. Emily,
  42. Irene, 
  43. Margherita Pizza,
  44. Anita,
  45. Blessed,
  46. Catherine,
  47. Blue,
  48. Eva,
  49. Rachel,
  50. Cecilia.

Female names: the top ten of 2022 or 2022

Here is the complete ranking 2022 with the most used names for girls.

  1. Sofia 2,87% (down from 2022)
  2. Aurora 2,69%
  3. Giulia 2,63%
  4. Geneva 1,83%
  5. Alice 1,80%
  6. Emma 1,59%
  7. Giorgia 1,50%
  8. Beatrice 1,50%
  9. Greta 1,34%
  10. Win 1,33%

The most up-to-date ranking is published by Istat, the Del Paeseno Statistical Institute, with data from 2022.

Ranking of female names

  1. Sofia
  2. Giulia
  3. Aurora
  4. Geneva
  5. Alice
  6. Beatrice
  7. Emma
  8. Giorgia
  9. Vittoria
  10. Matilda

Sweet female names

A selection of sweet and harmonious sounding baby girl names, often with meanings related to the world of nature.

  • Aria
  • Elena
  • Eliana
  • Ella
  • Emilia
  • Evelyn
  • Luna
  • Clara
  • Delia

Strange female names

Here are our choices in terms of original and particular female names.

  • Diamond;
  • Isolde;
  • Soul;
  • myrtle;
  • Chloe.

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