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I male names most loved (and chosen) by the Del Paeseni parents in 2022? Here is our ranking with the top 50 names for boys, with their meanings. But not only that: in the article you will also find the names that came out of the ranking, the most original, the shortest, the most vintage, the most particular and the most popular foreign ones. Also name trend for 2022!

And if among these there is not even one that is right for you, you can always consult ours database of names for children which contains over 6 thousand entries of Del Paeseni and foreign names.

In this article

  • Most Popular Baby Names
  • Names dropped out of the ranking
  • Original baby names
  • Short baby names
  • Vintage baby names
  • Important baby names

Most Popular Baby Names:

  1. Francis,
  2. Leonardo,
  3. Alessandro,
  4. Lorenzo
  5. Mattia,
  6. Andrew,
  7. Riccardo,
  8. Gabriel,
  9. Matteo,
  10. Thomas,
  11. Edward,
  12. Frederick,
  13. Joseph,
  14. ,
  15. Diego,
  16. David,
  17. Cristian,
  18. Nicolò,
  19. John,
  20. Samuel,
  21. Peter,
  22. Marco
  23. Philip,
  24. Luke,
  25. Michele
  26. Simone,
  27. ,
  28. Gabriel,
  29. Emanuele,
  30. Giulio,
  31. Savior,
  32. Vincenzo,
  33. Jacopo,
  34. Manuel,
  35. James,
  36. Joel,
  37. Thomas
  38. Daniele,
  39. Cristian,
  40. Elia,
  41. Samuel,
  42. George,
  43. Aeneas,
  44. Luigi,
  45. Daniel,
  46. Nicola,
  47. Stephen,
  48. Domenico,
  49. Raffaele,
  50. Kevin. 

Names dropped from the ranking:

  1. Noah,
  2. Liam,
  3. Ethan
  4. Mirko,
  5. Nicolas,
  6. Fabrizio,
  7. Claudio,
  8. Nathan,
  9. Fabio,
  10. Danilo,
  11. Roberto,
  12. Enrico,
  13. Ivan,
  14. Luigi,
  15. Loris,
  16. Mario,
  17. Maximilian,
  18. Maximum,
  19. Paul,
  20. Darius,
  21. Champion,
  22. Paschal. 

Original baby names:

  1. Wolf,
  2. brando,
  3. Vasco,
  4. Milo,
  5. Orlando,
  6. Ascanio,
  7. Tobias,
  8. Jonah,
  9. camillo,
  10. Tancred.

Short baby names:

  1. Aldo,
  2. Helium,
  3. Enny,
  4. Enzo,
  5. Leo,
  6. Livy,
  7. Eight,
  8. Titus,
  9. Ugo,
  10. Zeno.

Vintage baby names:

  1. Agostino,
  2. Damiano,
  3. Ambrose,
  4. Gracious,
  5. Hippolytus,
  6. Isidore,
  7. Bernard,
  8. Cornelius,
  9. Theodore,
  10. Basil.

Important baby names:

  1. Vittorio,
  2. Ermanno,
  3. Achilles,
  4. Augusto,
  5. Carlo,
  6. leone,
  7. Hector,
  8. Caesar,
  9. Adam,
  10. Ludovico.
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Male names of 2022, inspirations

What are the delivery times? baby names who will feel the most in 2022? 

  • Aeneas
  • Joel
  • Samuel
  • Christian
  • Niccolò

Most Popular Baby Names

1) Francis

Name meaning "French", relating to France or coming from France. Francesco brings some "fresh" already in the "outline" of his name: human, social, psychological, poetic and spiritual fresh. The name day is celebrated on 4 October on the occasion of the memory of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of the country.

2) Leonard

Of Germanic origin, it means lion ('leo') strong ('hart'); strong [like] lion ('leonhart'). But if on the one hand he has the strength of a lion, on the other Leonardo is characterized by a mild and sociable spirit. He knows how to set goals and achieve them effortlessly.

3) Alexander

Of Greek origin, Alexander means the one who protects men (but also "man saved", "who saves"). With Alessandra, and Alessia, Alessandro shares an adverb written in his name: 'very much'. Therefore their personality is marked by fullness. A totally positive aura.


The most common names in the world

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In Del Paese the most common baby names are Giulia, Sara, Francesco and Alessandro. And in the world? Are classic names in fashion like in our country? Discover the most used names in ...

4) Lawrence

Of Latin origin, Lorenzo derives from 'Laurentius', which means "resident of Laurento" or "city of laurel": from "laurus", the plant which has become the symbol of the victors and crowned. The name day is celebrated on 10 August in memory of St. Lawrence, a martyr: legend has it that he was born under a laurel, hence his name.

5) Mattia

Thanks to the theophonic names (which have the word 'God' in them), the Matteo-Mattia possess that 'divine' spark that makes them exceptional people in all fields, especially in affections and friendships. Surprising artistic inclinations.

6) Andrew

Of Greek origin, the name has the meaning of man, virile, courageous, strong, indomitable. The name day is traditionally celebrated on November 30 on the occasion of the memory of Saint Andrew the Apostle, brother of Saint Peter.

7) Riccardo

Of Germanic origin, it means powerful ('rikia' or 'rich') and brave ('hard' or 'hart') together; bold; dominator. In history, among the famous homonyms, there are three kings of England, including Richard the Lionheart. Who bears this name is distinguished by a strong and rigorous personality, but also noble and supportive.

8) Gabriel

Of Hebrew or - according to some authors - Assyrian origin, Gabriel means "Fortress of God" or "hero with God's help". Gabriel is the angel announced two historic births: to Zacharias that of St. John the Baptist and to the Virgin Mary that of Jesus. It is a name with a sweet sound and gives its wearer an inventive, lively and witty character.

9) Matthew

Of Hebrew origin, it means "Man of God" but also "gift of God". Who bears this name has within him a "divine" spark and particular artistic inclinations.

10) Thomas

Of Aramaic-Hebrew origin, Thomas means "twin" and is synonymous with Didymus, twin, as well as Gemino, Geminiano or the Greek Adelfo. The slightly harsh sound of the name corresponds to a sweet, serene, balanced personality, also tending to the arts.

11) Edward

Name of Anglo-Saxon origin, Edoardo means "curator of the property, guardian of assets". To the Anglo-Saxon or Germanic sound hardness of the name corresponds an acute sensitivity of soul that is the background to a decisive, strong-willed and sociable personality. Good tendency to the multiple sectors of art.

12) Federico

Rich ['rich'] in peace ['Frithu'], mighty in peace, lord who protects. Numerous princes, kings and emperors have illustrated this name.

13) Joseph

It is a theophonic name, that is, it contains within itself the divine name. And something divine carries within each namesake: divine which makes him a good, paternal-maternal and affectionate man.


Of uncertain origin, perhaps Etruscan or Greek-Latin, it means "He or she who precedes, confronts, fights". Or also, as the literal version of the Greek would indicate, "donkey's flower". Firmness and rigor are characteristics of those who bear this name, whose diffusion is due to the support of about 100 saints, saints and blessed with the same name.

15) Diego

Many are inspired by Maradona when they decide to name their son Diego. The origin of the name is Greek: it comes from "didaché" which means "education". The meaning of the name is therefore "educated", "learned" and "cultured".

16) David

Beloved, beloved, or even "God loves, God loved": these are the meanings of David, the Hebrew name carried by the famous prophet, king and successor of Saul who as a boy defeated the giant Goliath.

17) Christian

It means "follower of Christ, devoted and consecrated to Christ" and among the qualities that characterize children with this name are fidelity, solidarity and friendship.

18) Nicholas

From the Greek nikan, "to win" and laos, "people", means "winner among the people". St. Nicholas is celebrated on December 6, September 10 and May 9.

19) John

John is a real "Gift of God", according to the Hebrew origin of the name, and gives a gentle and decisive character at the same time to the wearer. Giovanni is a record name: he has more than 500 homonymous saints and among the main ones the first and most famous is undoubtedly San Giovanni Battista.

20) Samuel

It comes from the name of the prophet Shemu'el and probably means "his name is God". The name day is celebrated on August 20.

21) Peter

A real "rock" who bears this name, which nevertheless hides tenderness of heart, strength of mind and basic altruism.

22) Frame

From the Latin, the name means "consecrated and dedicated to Mars, the god of war" and - in a translated sense - "warrior". The name day is celebrated on April 25, in honor of St. Mark the Evangelist.

23) Philip

"Friend [of the] horse" or "he who loves horses": Filippo is a name that dates back to the time when the most precious and fastest means of communication was the horse. Philip wrote in the name the kindness, which he also practices in social relations.

24) Luke

The meaning is that of "light", from the Greek and Latin. Nonetheless, sometimes Luca's personal qualities make him shadowy, but they are temporary shadows and his personality shows itself for what it is at heart: active, brilliant, multifaceted.

25) Michael

Name of Hebrew origin which means "who is like God". Like Gabriel and Raphael, Michele is a theophoric name, that is, it bears the name of God. He is often depicted as victorious over the devil, who pierces the "dragon" of fire that symbolizes hell.

26) Simon

Name of Hebrew origin, it means "God has listened to my voice". The sweet sound of the name is accompanied by wit and wit, a love of art, a penchant for science and a dedication to sport.


From the Greek-Byzantine, it means "He who protects or saves". Although considered a diminutive of Alexander, he has risen to the dignity of a name in itself.


Variant of Gabriel. Euphonic name (with a sweet sound) and whoever wears it is not only bewitching but also inventive, lively and witty (English humor). A real treasure trove of surprises in society.

29) Emanuele

"God is with us": this is the meaning of the Hebrew Emanuele. A euphonic name that reflects a harmonious, balanced, loyal and coherent personality, practical and efficient, but not without the dimension of those who can dream even with open eyes. Both he and she are affectionate and sentimental.

30) Julius

From the Latin, Giulio is "the one who descends from Jupiter or is devoted and dedicated to Jupiter": the Giulia family - in Latin Gens Julia - had as its progenitor the son of Aeneas, called Julo or Ascanio. Gaius Julius Caesar is the most famous exponent of the lineage: the name July, the seventh month dedicated to him, and the Julian Calendar reformed under him and in force until the reform of the current Gregorian Calendar suffice to testify it.

31) Salvatore

The Latin Salvator derives from the Greek Sotèr, an epithet with which he was called Christ. It means "God is the savior". San Salvatore is celebrated on March 18 and November 9.

32) Vincenzo

The name originates from the present participle of the verb to win, interpreted by Christians as "to overcome evil". Whoever wears it is a strong person full of energy and will, but without forgetting a hint of sweetness.

33) Jacopo

Variante Del Paesena di Giacomo, means "faithful follower of God". Giacomo or Iacopo or Iacobo are interchangeable variants with Jacob ("heel, heel, footprint of God") their direct derivative. Full sounding name, in keeping with the firmness of faith and consistency of character.

34) Manual

Like Emanuele, it means "With us is God". The name Emanuele was very lucky in Spain from where - also following the Iberian domination in Del Paese - the variants that enjoy equally favor in the onomastics Del Paesena were taken up.

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35) James

It comes from the late Latin Iacōmus, but the etymology of the name is doubtful: it could be a theophoric name with the meaning of "God has protected", or it means "he who supplants" or "he who grasps by the heel".

36) Joel

New entry, Joel is a name of Hebrew origin. It means "Yahvé is my Lord".

37) Thomas

It is the French, English and German variant of Thomas. The origin is Aramaic-Hebrew and means "twin". There are many variations, including Tomaso, Tomasso, Tommasino. For women: Tommasa, Tommasina, Masina.

38) Daniel

It comes from the Hebrew-Aramaic "dayan" and means "my judge is God; divine judge". The name day is celebrated on 21 July. Who bears this name is distinguished by audacity and courage.

39) Cristian

Cristian breathes the ARTS as AIR and among his most sincere gifts: fidelity, solidarity and friendship. He is selfless by nature.

40) Elijah

It derives from the abbreviations of Elohim, "God", and of Yahweh, "Iavè" the god of Israel. Sant'Elia is celebrated on 20 July.

41) Samuel

Variant of Samuel, it derives from the name of the prophet Shemu'el and probably means "his name is God". The name day is celebrated on August 20.

42) George

From the Greek, Giorgio is "he who works the land". Famous - and widely depicted in art - is the saint that bears the name: according to legend, St. George freed a princess from the dragon's mouth. He is lively and breezy in character.

43) Aeneas

It comes from Aineas, which means "one who inspires fear". The name day is celebrated on November 15th.

44) Luigi

Of Franco-German origin, Luigi means "illustrious fighter, glorious in battle (but, from another source, also wise)".

45) Daniel

The name Daniel has Franco-Aramaic origin. Variant of Daniel, it means "my judge is God; divine judge; chosen by God".

46) Nicholas

Name of Greek origin, it means winner ('nike': victory) in and with the people ('laós'). There are several name days: 6 December (San Nicola di della città or di Mira), 10 September (San Nicola da Tolentino), 13 November (San Niccolò I papa).

47) Stephen

The homonymous saints Stephen are over 50, among them Stephen was the first to be stoned for the faith under Tiberius, just nine months after the death of Jesus: therefore his name means crowned martyr. He was also called Kelilan which in Semitic-Aramaic means crown, a term then passed to sports jargon, where it means "laurel wreath" with which the winning athletes of the Olympics are girded.

48) Domenico

"Of the Lord, dedicated or devoted to the Lord": this is the meaning of Dominic, a sensitive and supportive person who knows how to transform every personal encounter into friendship. Naturally inclined to art and dreams.

49) Raphael

Name of Hebrew origin, it means "God saves and heals, heals and helps [in the evils and pitfalls of life]". Some male variants are: Raffaello, Raffaellino, Raf, Rino.

50) Kevin

It goes back to an Irish root meaning "of noble birth".

Other male names left the rankings

In the past few years, MyModernParents parents have been looking for these other baby boy names as well. See if there is any that inspires you.


Not very common in Del Paese, it is a name of Hebrew origin. 'Nōah' or 'Nōahh' means "Quiet that refreshes or relieves or consoles", "rest".


Selfless and protective, sociable and generous to the point of sacrifice. Tendency towards science and volunteering.


Especially widespread in the Anglo-Saxon territories, it is also experiencing a lucky moment in our country. It is a biblical name, linked to the symbolism of the eight. The name is euphonic and melodic and means "constant".


Variant of Miroslavo, it has Slovenian origin and means "he who has glory or peace in the world", that is "he who is glorious in peace".


Variant of Nicola, it means "he who fights and wins for his people". Curiosity: St. Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, perfumers and dockers as well as the patron saint of the city and of Orthodox Russia.


From the Latin "Faber", it means blacksmith, or craftsman, worker. San Fabrizio bishop is celebrated on 11 July.


Of Latin origin, the name derives from a nickname relating to a physical impairment (from the Latin 'claudicāre' which in turn comes from 'clāudus': lame): the meaning is therefore "he who limps".


Also used as a diminutive of the names Jonathan and Nathaniel, it derives from the Hebrew and means "God gave": in the Old Testament Nathan was a prophet who helped King David and his son.


It comes from the Latin "faba", that is "fava", and means "he who grows broad beans" or "he who cultivates fields of broad beans". The lucky totem animal is the sperm whale.


Variant of the name Daniel, it means "my judge is God" or "divine judge". The name evokes qualities such as audacity, courage and adventure.


A name of Germanic origin consisting of the words ['hroth'], "illustrious", and ['berht'], "fame". Its meaning is "shining with glory". The lucky color is red.


Noble name of Germanic origin, it means "strong at home, at home". The name day is celebrated on July 13, in honor of the saint who was sovereign of Germany and husband of Santa Cunegonda. Whoever wears it has a decisive and accomplishing personality.


Multilingual variant of Ivano and Ivana, it is a name of Celtic-Anglo-Saxon (but also Hebrew) origin. It means "tenacious like the yew plant", or "God had mercy", if assimilated to the Hebrew John-Joan.


Franco-German name that means "illustrious fighter, glorious in battle" and, for another source, also "wise". Luigi originates from the name Clodoveo. His feminine is Luisa.


Variant of Lorenzo, it is distinguished by the sweet harshness of the sounds. It comes from the Latin Laurentius, "inhabitant of Laurento" or "city of the laurel".


Name with a macho and not sweet sound like Maria (which is of Jewish origin and not its female version), it still boasts an enigmatic and playful aura: "Inspiration: of stars, of lands or seas?".


The name can date back to the Roman surname Maximilianus, based on the name Maximus and therefore having the meaning of "descendant of Maximus", or to the combination of Maximilian and Emilian, a compound name coined for the first time by Frederick III of Habsburg, Sacred of city ​​emperor, who imposed it on his son Maximilian I.


An important name, which means "the greatest of all" and which continues the Roman surname Maximus, based on the term maximus, superlative of magnus ("great"). It was often given to tall individuals. Numerous Christian saints who have borne this name.


It is the ideal name for a second-born: Paolo, from the Latin, means "second-born" and "small (in stature)", but he is certainly great in intellect, soul and heart. Throughout history, this name has been borne by 6 popes.


Among the historical personalities who bore this name there were three Persian kings: Darius is in fact of Persian origin and means "he who possesses the good". Practicality, sociability, talkativeness and intelligence are the qualities that characterize who is called Dario.


Name that derives from Giacomo or Jacopo. The name day can be celebrated on the same day as James: July 25 or May 3.


The origin is Jewish, but also Greco-Latin. The reference is obviously to Easter and it is a name traditionally given to newborns on the day of Jesus' Resurrection.

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Original baby names

Here are some truly original male names. They are all Del Paeseni, but they are, at the same time, very little used and very particular. 

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From the Latin "lupus". The name day is generally celebrated on July 29 in memory of Saint Wolf of Troyes, a bishop of the XNUMXth century who, according to legend, convinced Attila to spare the city.


Germanic name. Contracted form of the name Aldobrando, which derives from hildjo and branda, with the meaning of "shining sword in battle". The name day falls on August 22 or May 1.


Spanish origin, it could mean: "inhabitant of the Basque Country" or "inhabitant of Gascony". Nameday on November 1st. It is the name of the singer Del Paeseno Vasco Rossi.


Of Germanic origin. Nameday on February 23rd. With this name to remember the cartoonist Del Paeseno Milo Manara.


Germanic name. Meaning: "famous land", or "which gives glory to the homeland". The name day can be celebrated on September 15th in memory of Blessed Orlando. Among the famous characters: Orlando Bloom, British actor.


Greek name, of uncertain meaning. Nameday on July 10 or October 6. Ascanio is also the name of the son of Aeneas and Creusa.


Hebrew name. It means "the Lord is my good". The name day generally occurs on November 2 in memory of St. Tobias.


Hebrew name. It means "dove". In the Bible, Jonah is the prophet known to have been swallowed by a large fish; The name day is generally celebrated on 11 February in memory of Saint Jonah of Muchon, an Egyptian monk of the XNUMXth century.


Latin name. The hypothesis is that it derives from casmillus, a term that indicated the young nobles who assisted the priests during the sacred rites. Usually, the name day is celebrated on July 14 in honor of St. Camillus de Lellis. To remember among the historical figures with this name Camillo Benso count of Cavour.


Germanic origin. It means: wise, thoughtful, brilliant, inspired adviser (in Old German: 'Thankharat' ['dank-thank' = thought, ingenuity; 'rad-radha-rat' = advice]). Nameday April 9 and September 30 (San Tancredi eremita). Tancredi is one of the heroes of Tasso's liberated Jerusalem.

Short baby names

Do you like short male names? Here are some that are elegant and simple at the same time. 

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Of Germanic origin. The etymology is uncertain: it could be "old, wise" or "grow up, be an adult, but also" command "or" exquisitely beautiful. "The name day is celebrated on January 10th.


Greek origins. It comes from Helios, the sun god. The name day is celebrated on 22 and 23 July.


Of Latin origin. The etymology is uncertain.


Uncertain origins. It is diminutive of Lorenzo or Vincenzo. The name day is celebrated on November 1st.


Greek origins. Diminutive of Leone or Leon. The name day occurs on 10 November.


Etruscan origins. Name of a gens of the city, it derives from the nickname livius of unknown meaning. The name day falls on November 12th.


Of Germanic origin. It means powerful person. It is celebrated on 2 July or 18 November.


Of Latin Etruscan origin. Originally "wild pigeon" ('titus'), then by translated, defender or defended, protector or protected ... Name day: January 16 (San Tiziano bishop of Oderzo); January 26 (San Tito bishop of Crete); 3 March (San Tiziano bishop of Brescia); May 4 (San Tiziano bishop of Lodi).


Of Germanic origin. From the noun hugu, "thought, sense". Sant'Ugo is celebrated on April 1st.


Greek origin. It originates from Zeus, with the meaning of "belonging to or sacred to Zeus". The name day is April 12 and December 8.

Vintage baby names

Here are some vintage and retro-flavored male names: some are reminiscent of famous people, others are related to the past. 

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Latin name. It means: "learned person", "good", "intelligent". The name day is celebrated on May 27 and August 28.


Greek name. It means: "tame". San Damiano is celebrated on September 26th and February 12th. It's the name of the Maneskin singer.


Name of Greek origin. It means: "immortal". The name day is celebrated on 7 December. Sant'Ambrogio is the patron saint of our city.


Latin name. It means: "gracious", "benign", "meek". The name day is generally celebrated on 23 November.


Of Greek origin. It means: "deliverer of horses". The name day is celebrated on 13 August. With this name the writer and patriot Del Paeseno Ippolito Nievo (1831-1861).


Name of Greek origin. It means: "gift of Isis". The name day is celebrated on April 4th.


Of Germanic origin. It means: "strong, bold". Name day: 20 August. Among the famous people, the director Bernardo Bertolucci.


Latin name. It means: "abundance". The name day is celebrated on February 2nd. Cornelius Fudge (Cornelius Fudge) is a character from the Harry Potter literary series.


Name of Greek origins. It means: "gift of God". The name day falls on March 13, April 1 and 28, September 11 and 17.


Greek name. It means: "royal", "royal". Name day: January 2nd.

Important baby names

Do you want to give your child an important male name? Here are some of the most beautiful!

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Name of Latin origin. It means: "victorious", "he who wins". Nameday: May 21 (San Vittorio martyr in Cesarea) or May 8 (San Vittore martyr in our city). Among the greats of Del Paeseno cinema with this name: Vittorio De Sica and Vittorio Gassman.


Name of Germanic origin. It means: "army man". The name day is celebrated on 7 April. Among the historical figures the Norman knight Ermanno d'Altavilla.


Name of Greek origin but of uncertain etymology. Nameday is May 12. Achilles is the name of the hero of the Iliad.


Germanic origin. It means: "strong, valiant, daring" and also: "free, king, sovereign". The name day is celebrated on November 4th. Among the historical figures with this name: Charlemagne.


Latin name. It means: "great", "venerable". The name day is celebrated on February 29, March 4 and 27, May 7 and September 1. It is the name adopted by the Roman emperor Octavian who later became Augustus.


It comes from ancient Greek and means "lion". The name day is celebrated on 10 November. To remember with this name Leone Ginzburg, writer and anti-fascist Del Paeseno (1909-1944).


Name of Greek origins. It means: "hold strong", "possess". The name day is celebrated on June 20. To remember with this name the Trojan hero Hector, sung in the Iliad.


Sanskrit origin name. It means: "mane, mane, thick hair". The name day is celebrated on 10 December. Julius Caesar was a Roman general, consul, dictator, orator and writer.


Name of biblical origin and literally means "man". The name day is celebrated on May 16th. Adam is the name of the first man, created by God with the earth.


Name of Germanic origin. It means: "illustrious fighter". Nameday 21 June. Among the historical figures with this name: Ludovico il Moro, duke of our city.


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Questions and answers

What does the name Marco mean?

The name Marco derives from the root "mar", common to the Italic peoples, derives the noun mas, maris, 'male, virile', and also Maris, the Etruscan god of war, called Mars (Mars) by the people of the city.

What does the name Mattia mean?

The name Mattia, which has Hebrew origin, means 'gift from the Lord'. The name, by meaning, has an affinity with Matthew, derives from the Hebrew name Matithya, composed of matag, 'gift, gift', and from Yah, short for yahweh, which means 'gift of God'.

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