The art of seduction, discover its secrets

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If it is true that there are women who are fascinating by their enviable nature, it is certain that everyone can become one (and continue to be so in the eyes of their life partner even after years and years of living together).

here are the secrets of the art of seduction, which can be defined as a sophisticated set of attitudes that capture attention, intrigue and arouse passion, desire and love.

Listen to your partner and connect with him

Listening: this is the key word, the focal point, the most effective of all seduction strategies.

Listening in the highest meaning of the term, that is, with true participation and with the desire to understand and then share, allows you to get in tune with your interlocutor, offering him the extraordinary sensation of "being at home".

Use a little humor in conversations

In conversazione, use a sense of humor to lightly emphasize the funniest and most paradoxical aspects of reality. Exercise self-irony that makes you likeable and endearing, putting others at ease. Instead, sarcasm, which is the violent son of the sense of humor, and derision which is his devastating daughter, should be eliminated.

Get out of the box but without excess

Be irreverent with grace and lightness, always trying to get out of the box without exceeding. Allowing the other to be what he wants, avoiding directing him towards his own stereotype of man.

Avoid being sour or malicious even if you are tired

Not be more acidic, gratuitously bad or even just malicious. Always look for the best side of situations and people to acquire the special light that unites all women who are balanced, serene, open to the world and inclined to good humor.

Choose your style and renew yourself every now and then

Choose a own style, as regards the image, trying not to appear “homologated”, that is identical to the models that the fashion of the moment proposes (imposes?). An eccentric note never hurts, if the whole is of great good taste and the accessories are truly glamorous.

Keep a pinch of mystery

It is important to keep a pinch of the partner's eyes mystery, even and especially if it is a husband who must never take everything for granted.

Yes to good manners, kindness and self-care even within the walls of the house

No to sloppiness both in privacy and outside the bedroom. Yes, on the other hand, to good manners, kindness, self-care even within the walls of the house.

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