The baby's beach bag: 9 things not to forget

The baby's beach bag: 9 things not to forget
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With the arrival of the warm season the sea becomes the most desired destination. Even the newcomer will be delighted to see the sea for the first time! In order not to arrive at the beach unprepared, we asked the midwife Caterina Stefanelli of Vita da Obstetrica, to draw up a list of things not to forget at home.

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  • A separate bag for the newborn
  • The sunscreen
  • The hat
  • a complete change 
  • a big cloth
  • A cotton cover
  • Replacement diapers and wipes
  • Acqua
  • Mosquito repellent spray 

1. A separate bag for the newborn

“The first thing to put on the list is one separate bag: one for the mother and one for the baby. So that everything you need will be easily available in one place ».

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2. The sunscreen

La sunscreen it has to be put on before you get to the beach and it has to be full screen. «I recommend that spray because it can be spread more easily: a few sprays on the hands of mum or dad, and then on the child's body. Always keep it at hand to be able to put it back during the hours ».

3. The hat

"To be worn by the little one even if it is under an umbrella or in the stroller, because the sun's rays strike the same".

4. A complete change

«It is essential to have a complete change, in case you want to keep them without a diaper for a while or if you start sweating. Very light and breathable cotton short-sleeved bodysuits are always recommended ».

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5. A big cloth

"So you can put the little one lying on the beach, with games for example, or to change it more easily."

6. A cotton cover

"A cotton cover, if you fall asleep or if it blows too much wind ».

7. Replacement diapers and wipes

«Replacement diapers and wet wipes, a must in mothers' bags ».

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8. Acqua

“The temperature shouldn't be too cold. Avoid putting it in the cooler bag for too long, take it out a few minutes before giving it to the child ».

9. Mosquito repellent spray

«Repellent spray for any insects and mosquitoes, it can always be handy ».


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Questions and answers

When should I put sunscreen on my baby? 

You need to put sunscreen on your child before you get to the beach and it needs to be full screen. Spray is better because it can be spread more easily.

What should I put in the baby's bag when going to the beach? 

A separate baby bag, sunscreen, hat, full change, large towel, cotton blanket, replacement diapers and wipes, water, mosquito repellent spray.

Should I bring mosquito spray for my newborn to the beach? 

Mosquito repellent spray can be very useful, especially in places where there are insects.

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