The bedroom for the child

From the moment he begins to crawl, organizing his bedroom becomes a priority, if of course it has not yet been done. The guiding criterion to be strictly adhered to is that of maximum safety: as far as possible in the child's room there must be nothing dangerous for the child's physical safety. It is also true, however, that it is more than appropriate for the whole to be welcoming and harmonious. Here's what it can be useful to know on the subject.

Lots of natural light and silence

The room does not need to be large, on the contrary the child can feel disoriented in an exaggerated surface. The things that matter most is that natural light enters in abundance and that it is silent as the child will sooner or later have to sleep in it as well as play with it and store his toys.

It is therefore better to give the child a room located away from a busy street, also to ensure the possibility of changing the air every day without running the risk of obtaining the opposite effect to that hoped for, that is to pollute it rather than purify it. Also read the baby's sleep

Simple and functional furniture

The furniture must be very simple, functional, made with non-toxic and washable materials. For the colors, pastel shades are recommended, because they promote relaxation. The number of furniture needed is really limited: a cot is enough; a surface large enough to be used as a changing table if necessary; a chest of drawers; a low table with rounded corners.

The safety rules

For the whole house, not only in the area dedicated to the baby or in his bedroom, it is a good rule to apply the appropriate socket covers everywhere and the corner protectors (obviously, necessary when the little one begins to crawl). Check the windows - attach the hooks and doorstops to the balconies (and any heavy doors) - and already eliminate the keys for future exploration.

Attention to all furniture: the shelves must be well fixed to the wall and check that there are no furniture with protruding parts, or finishes that could scratch the baby.

The space designed for the baby deserves even greater care, it is better, for example, to lock the drawers of his changing table and make sure that he cannot open them. Put everything you need (diapers, creams, lotions, wipes) to change it in a position that is comfortable for you but difficult for the baby to reach (and put in the mouth!).

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The floor: yes parquet and linoleum. No carpet

The ideal coverings for the floor are parquet and linoleum, while it is better to avoid carpet. A large satin fabric carpet fixed to the ground with the appropriate aids can comfortably delimit the space in which to play with the constructions and in which to crawl.

Baskets and boxes for games

Baskets of various sizes and plastic boxes with lids are essential for storing toys which generally tend to multiply over the months. Some shelves on which to place puppets, music boxes and the first booklets can complete the environment by offering touches of color and therefore of joy.


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Get creative with wall stickers

Finally, wall stickers with subjects known to be popular with children (for example, flowers, moon and sun, animals, trees) can make the whole more personal, richer and above all even more child-friendly.

If there is no extra room

If there is no room for the child in the apartment, it is necessary to prepare a space, for example in a corner of the living room, that he can recognize as his own even if it is not a real bedroom. Here you can put the boxes and baskets with his toys, a small carpet for playing sitting on the ground, a shelf unit to arrange the booklets and puppets. In this way, the child can feel even more welcomed by his family if possible.

The bedroom must be cleaned with a damp cloth

It is important that the furniture and all the surfaces of the bedroom or the area for the baby are easily washable with a damp cloth, using, for example, the classic Marseille soap instead of the various anti-dust sprays, much more chemical.

The room temperature

For the first months of a newborn's life, the environment that hosts it must not have a temperature above 20 degrees during the day. From the second semester it is also good around 18 degrees because the baby moves more and suffers from muscle heat.

During the night, a temperature around 16-17 degrees is sufficient, possibly with good humidification.

(Advice from paediatricians Daniela Callegari and Leo Venturelli)

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