The best apps to monitor pregnancy contractions

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The best apps to monitor pregnancy contractions

Contractions are the first sign that the body is preparing for childbirthbut when they really indicate that you are entering labor? To recognize the moment in which one begins to be born, there are today app to monitor contractions: let's find out which are the best and how they work.

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What are the contractions

You may have felt contractions well before labor - under normal conditions, it is isolated hardening, at irregular intervals, of the muscles of the uterus, usually called Braxton Hicks contractions. They are a completely physiological event that must not scare. If they show up often, however, talk to your doctor. 

If the pregnancy has come to term, or in any case the contractions are regular, painful and close together, you could be at the beginning of labor. Some signs could help you understand if the time of delivery is indeed approaching: rupture of the membranes, loss of the mucous plug, but also severe diarrhea they often accompany the onset of contractions.

How to recognize contractions of labor

Sometimes the contractions they can start with no other symptoms, and this can lead to more doubts in future parents. In most cases, the contractions begin with a mild pain, bearable (similar for many women to menstrual pain) located at the height of the hips, both in front and behind. As time passes, the pains become more intense and close together, until they occur even at a distance of less than a minute at the time of delivery. But the pain tolerance is very subjective, not to mention that in some cases the contractions can remain irregular, at different time intervals, throughout labor, without ever becoming regular. How to recognize so if it really is labor?

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When to go to the hospital?

See if the contractions occur at regular intervals (5 minutes) and if they last between 30 and 60 seconds.

The apps to monitor your contractions

The number of apps that are useful during pregnancy is always on the rise, and there are also many apps for recognize contractions and monitor them, understand if it really is theonset of labor, how long can you still wait or if you need to rush to the hospital because iChildbirth is approaching. One more way to arrive calmly at the moment of birth, which helps future mothers (but also future fathers!) To better understand how things work. there the best apps to monitor your contractions.

Contractions - Pregnancy - 9m

This application is one of the most downloaded in the world for monitoring contractions, and is available on all platforms. How does it work? Simply hold down the timer from the beginning to the end of the contraction, and repeat it with each new contraction. 


The most loved app by future mothers it also allows you to record contractions, helping you to understand if it is labor or not.

Contractions timer

Available on all stores, this timer, appreciated by thousands of users, also allows you to monitor contractions by holding down from the beginning to the end of each one. 


This popular pregnancy app also takes into account contractions, thanks to a timer that records their frequency and duration.


This app records and displays the start and end time of each contraction, duration, frequency and intensity. It works even if you switch to other apps and is available on all stores! 

Garmin pregnancy tracking and Contraction Timer

Do you have a Garmin smartwatch or sportwatch? You can go to Connect IQ and download the Contraction Timer app, which allows you to track the frequency and duration of your contractions.

Monitor your contractions with an app on your phone, iPad or smartwatch it can be useful to understand when it's really time to go to the hospital. But if you have any doubts, always contact the facility where you have decided to give birth, an extra phone call costs nothing!


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