The care of the nails and ears of the newborn

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From the first days of life, care must be taken to clean the baby's nails and ears. Here's how to do it.

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Newborn nail care

Should the baby's nails be cut immediately?

"The baby's claws can be cut from the first days, because otherwise it is possible for the child to scratch himself. "Word of Michele Fiore, family pediatrician in Genoa and coordinator of the Newborn chapter of the Practical Guide for Parents published in 2022 by the Del Paesena Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics (Sipps). "Obviously - continues the specialist - you need to pay some attention and use scissors with blunt tips, but you don't have to wait who knows how long, as it was once advised and how you still sometimes feel (after all, you know, old beliefs die hard) ".

How often should a newborn's nails be trimmed?

As they grow very fast, baby's nails need to be trimmed at least once a week. When? The ideal is take advantage of the moments when he is most relaxed, for example after feeding, when he is well satiated, or after bathing (in this case the nails are even softer). If the little one does not like the operation, the nails can easily be cut while he sleeps.

After the cut, if desired, the nails can be filed (if the baby likes it), but it is not essential!

Ear hygiene

How to clean the ears of the newborn

Also according to the Parents Guide, to take care of the cleaning of the ears is enough wipe cotton or a clean towel over the ear, which must always be carefully dried after bathing to avoid leaving the damp area. This is enough to remove any residual earwax.

Cotton swabs to never use

Beware of never enter the ear and never use cotton swabs, the famous sticks with the ends covered with cotton: their use can in fact damage the internal structures of the ear. This rule must always be observed, regardless of the age of the child.

Instead, the area behind the ear should be cleaned, where some dirt can accumulate, remembering to dry it thoroughly.

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