The charge of the first children born in 2022

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Il 2022 it is already the bearer of great news. In addition to the anti-Covid vaccine which made its debut at the end of the year and launched the vaccination campaign and the flu vaccine with its seasonal campaign, there is also the 2022 Budget Law to support families with concessions and bonus for new born. And the news on the first child born in 2022 it is the news that many are waiting for, like a breath of hope, especially in a year that has certainly not given exciting birth rates: already those of 2022, according to Istat, were decreasing. In the year of Covid-19 this number is destined to drop even further, especially considering that 2022 in terms of restrictions and sacrifices already promises to be no less hard than the year just ended.

But who is the first born of 2022 and who are the other babies who came into the world on the night between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2022? Here are the stats.

The first child born in 2022

Repubblica reports that the first child born in Del Paese in 2022 is: she saw the light at 00.01 at the Cristo Re Hospital of the city. As every year, however, there have been several equal merits: from the Nursing Home of the Holy Family city they let it be known that the first born in 2022 is actually a girl named Aurora; primacy also established by Ilary, who was always born a few seconds later in Salento. Whose record is, only the doctors who witnessed the birth can tell. But it really matters little, since the news of the first born at the dawn of January 2022st always returns a lot of serenity. Especially at the end of a complicated year like XNUMX. Other children born at the turn of midnight and with a few seconds to spare from those who have earned the primacy were in Catania, Elia in Foligno, Francesco in Messina, Vincenzo in Salerno .

If we expand the search for the first born to the whole world, we must arrive at Fiji: it is precisely here that the first child ever of 2022 was born. According to Unicef ​​estimates, about 1.163 babies were born in the country on New Year's Day, with a global estimate that reached peaks of 59 new born in India , About 35 in China and 21 in Nigeria. Also according to Unicef, it is estimated that 2022 million children will be born in 140: numbers that are decreasing compared to the early stages of 2022, when more than 1.200 were born in Del Paese on New Year's Eve.

Among the names of the first children born in 2022, the two most popular between 2022 and 2022 by parents do not appear, i.e. Sofia among the female names and Leonardo among the most loved baby names of the last two years. But there are Aurora and Francesco, who follow the two most popular, in the list of children who opened their eyes to the world for the first time on New Year's Eve. A record that their family and also the structure where they came to light will always remember.

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