The Charter of the Rights of the Premature Child, what it is

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The Charter of the Rights of the Premature Child

In Del Paese, about 10% of births occur before term, ie before the XNUMXth week of gestation. Delivering a baby before the term of pregnancy could have some consequences, including difficulties in adapting to the newborn and a higher risk of having complications, which can be more serious if the birth was noticeably early.

The Charter of the rights of premature babies: the project

In Del Paese, the project for a Manifesto (or Charter) of the rights of premature babies promoted by Vivere Onlus and thanks to a virtuous mechanism that saw the direct involvement of Parent Associations, Scientific and Professional Societies, politicians, the private sector and civil society. In particular, the À la Carte is the national response to the "call to action" of the former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, which had presented the report "Global Strategy for the health of Women and Children" on 22 September 2022 to the UN General Assembly. The first nation to respond to Ki-moon's appeal in a rapid and exemplary way was the Del Paese, creating the document.

Advances in premature babies

Currently, thanks to medical advances, premature babies are being assisted on their way to autonomy and maturity, which equates them to their peers born at term. Fortunately, the chance of survival has increased both in terms of weight (even by 500 grams!) And in terms of gestational age (even 23 weeks!).

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Approved by the Senate of the Republic of the Paesena on 21 December 2022, the Charter of the rights of the premature child it represents an important step to make institutions recognize the inalienable rights of a child who, born before his time, must be considered a person and therefore needs attention and care.

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Together with Professor Mario De Curtis he wrote the book "Little babies - Stories of babies in today's country" (The third). Amazing and intense real-life tales that teach us how courageously and lovingly mothers, fathers, doctors and nurses face the challenge of embracing each new life, even in difficult conditions, in a neonatal intensive care unit. In the chapters that make up the book, every single story becomes an opportunity for a medical study and for a reflection on human, social, bioethical and legislative issues.

What are the 10 articles of the Charter of the rights of the premature child

Here, according to the Manifesto, are the 10 articles that consist of the fundamental rights of premature babies.

Art 1

The premature baby must, by positive law, be considered a person.

Art 2

All children have the right to be born in the context of a care system that guarantees their safety and well-being, in particular in conditions that represent a risk of pregnancy / birth / preterm birth, fetus-neonatal suffering and / or postnatal onset malformations.

Art 3

The premature baby has the right to any support and treatment appropriate to his state of health and to therapies aimed at pain relief. In particular, he has the right to compassionate care and the presence of the affection of his parents even in the terminal phase.

Art 4

The premature baby has the right to immediate and continuous contact with his family, from which he must be cared for. To this end, the active presence of the parent next to the child must be supported in the care path, avoiding any dispersion between the members of the family unit.

Art 5

Every premature baby has the right to take advantage of the benefits of breast milk during the entire hospitalization and, as soon as possible, to be breastfed by his mother. Any other nutrient must be subject to individual prescription as a complementary and subsidiary food.

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Art 6

The hospitalized premature infant has the right to have parents correctly informed in an understandable, exhaustive and continuous way on the evolution of his conditions and on the therapeutic choices.

Art 7

The premature baby has the right to have parents supported in the acquisition of their particular and new parenting skills.

Art 8

The premature newborn has the right to continuity of post-hospitalization care, pursued through a personal assistance plan that is explicit and shared with the parents, which involves the skills in the area and which, in particular, provides for implementation over time after discharge. an appropriate multidisciplinary follow-up, coordinated by the team that welcomed and treated him at birth and / or that is following him.

Art 9

In the event of outcomes involving disabilities of any kind and degree, the newborn has the right to receive the rehabilitative care that may be necessary and to take advantage of the necessary integrated social, psychological and economic support.

Art 10

Every family of premature babies has the right to have their special needs met, also through collaboration between institutions and bodies belonging to the Third Sector.



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