The child has dermatitis, advice from moms

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Atopic, seborrheic, diaper dermatitis: there are various skin inflammations that babies can suffer from, even from a very young age. We asked our mothers for some remedies that worked for them, including creams and refreshing baths. Here is what they advise us.

I try to prevent it

They both have atopic dermatitis. I keep doing whatever it takes so that it doesn't show up: no wool, just baby detergents, only oily products for the shower, no swimming pool in winter, spray oil when they come out of the shower. Nothing is enough for it to come back: an antibiotic, a non-breathable T-shirt, a wool border on a long-sleeved shirt ...

The term

We tried the Comano thermal baths in Trentino. He passes the usl. My daughter stripped her skin and spent days with scars even at risk of infections ...

Since I brought her it has been a godsend.

The sea has done wonders

My grandson has had atopic dermatitis from birth. The remedy was more than natural: the sea. Sun at the times set for his safety. It worked. He is healed, at least for the moment!


It faded over time

My daughter had dermatitis when she was 15 days old, creams on creams, I eliminated all foods that could cause allergies, cortisone (unfortunately) a go. She yes she is mitigated with the development, only in cases of stress she succeeds. It's a very ugly beast.

We fight with creams

My 3 year old son started with dermatitis. The first year was not difficult: he spent with the lentiva cream. The second was much more serious and the pediatrician prescribed me the cortisone cream: we fought for months ... This year it went much better ... let's hope well.

Well hydrated skin and right clothing

My son has suffered from it on his face, legs and arms since he was 10 months old. He is now 6 years old. We use neutral soaps and aloe-based creams. We always keep skin well hydrated and clothing as less synthetic as possible. Nothing plush. Lots of sea.

By following these precautions it is now going much much better.

We change the diaper more often

My baby suffered from diaper rash. On the advice of the pediatrician we tried to change the diaper more often (and sometimes we also left it without it, when possible), always washing the bottom well under water at each change. Luckily we didn't have to use drugs and it passed. My child's skin is very delicate.


Refreshing baths in hot weather

Present, I discovered that the bubbles that appeared to my baby especially in the summer were sudamine. Refreshing baths, moisturizing creams and off you go. We are solving this way.


For further information, expert advice on children's dermatitis

The advice comes from the mothers and fathers of mammenellarete, our community of parents, and does not replace those of an expert. It is always best to consult a doctor first and avoid DIY, especially in the case of medicines, antibiotics, supplements and herbal products.

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