The child learns to walk: the first steps

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First steps

Each child reaches the milestone of first steps with its times. On average, children begin to take their first steps between 9 and 15 months, at first he will stagger and fall immediately, then slowly, day after day, he will become more and more self-confident: for him it will not be facie, it is a great challenge that requires a certain ability to put the right muscle tension in the legs while maintaining balance .
Here 5 steps that are preparatory to the first steps.

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  • Pull up and hold tight
  • Walk confidently to the side
  • Freely on your feet
  • One foot in front of the other
  • Stop without falling

Pull up and hold tight

Walking starts with the fingers. They are used constantly: to pull yourself up on the corner of the sofa and onto anything that has the right height. When the grip is in place, the child starts with the legs: first he stands up, then he drags himself. Balance, grab: he did it!

"Very well, honey!" Your enthusiastic praise incites the little one: he turns his head towards you, maybe he already lets go of a hand. By turning he has already shifted his weight from one half of his body to the other. And that's exactly what he must be able to do for the first steps to come.

On average, babies are 13 months old when they attempt one or two side steps. They have to be held, but still the little feet know where to go.

Walk confidently to the side

On average, babies are 13 months old when they try a step or two to the side. They have to be held, but still the little feet know where to go. But first they slide sideways on the ground again. But soon the movements become decisive: the little one clearly raises his foot and places it next to the other. See the effort clearly: do not be surprised if it falls again sometimes. Often it still continues to fall when you are used to crawling. But you get up quickly!

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Freely on your feet

Get up from sitting, without a lifeline: when children succeed, they are about 14 months old. Perhaps you have reached out to your baby so that it won't be so difficult for him to get up off the ground. He is standing: a ten, then ... Well, come on, maybe an eight, because the knee is still a little weak. He will make it!


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One foot in front of the other

We made it: one step forward, then another. At about 15 months the time has come to walk "for real": shift the weight, balance it, give yourself a boost: all this with dedication and exercise. The little one works tirelessly, and every day he takes a step further. Don't worry: crooked legs are normal when learning to walk, all children have them.

Stop without falling

Now no one stops him anymore: the little one walks like a splinter. First of all there is the seat which acts as an emergency brake. At about 16 months he no longer needs this help: your baby is able to measure his steps, so much so that he reaches the finish line more slowly.

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