The choice of the name: some advice to avoid mistakes

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You have already started argue with yours partner  is preferably used for choice of name of the baby or the baby on the way? Or you are among those who give immediately were agree? Why the affair seems commonplace e discounted, but have you ever thought than yours son will bring his name for the whole "vita", whether they like it or not? AND it depends everything from us Parents...

It is out of doubt that the choice of name is absolutely staff and is done on the basis of one's own taste. However, we must reflect on the fact that that will be the "ticket da visit" in each occasione password with which there we present and there we identify to the others. So the symbolic value is very high and maybe before choose we have to think about it in a moment: a "nice name” or one “horrendous" are for always.

Obviously this is not possible provide what the tastes of a neonate. But with a pinch of common sense, For the choice of name, Yes they can avoid some errors of which one day you might repent or maybe, when it will be great, will be ready to reproach you.

Un example. Better to leave it alone names that, combined with last name, they can create assonances unpleasant, rhyme kisses to you, cacophone, meanings undesirable, homonyms clearly linked to history, To literature, All 'actuality. Sure, maybe you like them, but you think you are deciding to somebody else, not for you. The same goes for names foreign, which apparently in ours Country they go to great. While they are still many moms and dads who Amano i names related to tradition di casa our.

If you then have a last name very common, try to find a name not particularly widespread, or if the last name è lungo, prefer a short name: so it won't take two days to put a signature! Think carefully before choosing names strange, original or "old" difficult da to pronounce or worse, to write. For the choice of name watch out for those too related to a fashion of time and characters discussed o questionable.

And we come to the node that does discuss in almost all families: the tradition to put the name of a relative, nonno o nonna typically, both from the side paternal and mother. It is undeniable that they would be delighted of all this, but try - as far as possible - not to do it condition only for not sorry someone. There choice of name è your e alone yours. Point. If the name area of mother-in-law, of yours father or of sister in law you don't like it, forget it. Maybe you will see the sulking for some time, but ahead of the puppy then it will pass.

Al contrary, if you choose a name di family or of an character important, when it will be enough great to to understand, tell to yours son who was and because you have decided to call him like this: it will be proud and it will feel even more sure of himself.

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