The clothing of the newborn: the manual to follow before becoming mothers

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Each new mother during pregnancy "prepares" in her own way for the baby's arrival, reworking a series of thoughts and experiences and imagining the baby she will have in her arms in a few months. But how to prepare from a practical point of view? The pedagogist Martha Stella and the psychologist Sara Stella , founders of, helped us to draw up the manual to follow before becoming mothers, starting with clothing.

Today, the expectant mother can know with a good percentage of safety the sex of the child before it is born, so that even for the necessary clothing it will be easier to orient yourself without errors. At the same time, it is good avoid overdoing it in purchases, because in a few months the size of the baby will change a lot.

1. The linen

“First, it is important to buy a set of body, in cotton. Better to have some at least 7/8 available, between long and short sleeves, for any eventuality: in case of dysentery or regurgitation they get dirty easily ». Alternatively, the cotton t-shirts, but the leotards cover both back and belly better. Plan to put in the basic kit too 3 pairs of socks and some terry panty to use as a diaper cover.

2. Covers and gaiters: the coordinated

Get yourself too 4 covers to be coordinated if necessary with the gaiters, comfortable pants with feet and with an elastic waistband. The gaiters will serve, just like trousers, to cover the diaper. Unlike the onesie, however, they do not have an opening under the crotch. Since the gaiters are in contact with the baby's skin, it is advisable to buy them in cotton terry, in chenille and knit or in organic cotton chenille.

3. The onesie

«Not to be forgotten in the layette too 4 one-piece suits cotton, fleece or light cotton depending on the season: they are always useful, as they are a single piece and cover the tummy, back and feet well. They can be used during the day but also at night as a pajama ». The most comfortable onesies are those that open to the full length of the leg, not forcing you to completely undress the baby during a diaper change.


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4. Winter tips: duvet and blanket

If the birth will take place in winter, it is preferable to also buy some heavy garments. For the outings of the newborn it is advisable for example a duvet with or without feet, but also one to put in the wheelchair, which can be opened if you enter heated rooms. Precisely to avoid sudden changes in temperature it is necessary to keep a blanket available to wrap the baby when it is picked up.

5. Sleeping band, bibs and mittens

"To learn how to face the sleep phase without too many problems, a towel or sash for bed can be useful". Don't forget one too supply of bibs (at least 8) of cotton and sponge: they are really useful in the first 24 months of the baby. Indispensable a bonnet, to protect the baby from bad weather in winter and from heat in summer. Some could be comfortable too mittens to protect the hands not only from the cold but from the possibility that the baby scratches his face with too sharp claws.

6. The shirt of luck

New mothers won't have to buy this item of clothing, but it will be gifted during pregnancy as a good omen and will be the first dress that the newborn will wear. White or red, the important thing is that it is in linen, silk or 100% cotton, to avoid irritation to the baby and to ensure that it is soft and fresh at the same time.

7. Diapers galore

Not to forget, of course, the diapers: here, unlike clothing, you certainly don't have to be frugal; rather, it is advisable to stock them up immediately. They are in fact one of the first things the newborn will need, several times a day. Pay attention to quality, softness and measure: for the first months the smaller one (2-5 kg) should be fine, after some time it may be necessary to switch to the 3-6 kg size. For the change of the baby, it can be convenient to have a mobile changing table to be placed anywhere.

8. Accessories and toilet

A comb, a pair of nail scissors, a sponge towel, a natural bristle brush for his toilet are also to be prepared for the baby's arrival. For the after bath, provide at least a bathrobe and then get 2 mattress covers, 2 double sheets, a hypoallergenic mattress for the cradle, cotton and wool covers.

Also prepare the necessary for the baby's toilet.

9. Pay attention to fabrics

cotton is able to transpire the skin

10. Where to buy: online or in-store?

All the garments are «also purchasable online, but many mothers prefer to buy in the store because they have the opportunity to see and touch the type of cotton and the material, as well as the possibility of discussing the size and asking for advice. What's more, in many shops there is also a nursing corner: it will be even easier to go shopping with your baby ».

The complete list

  • 7-8 cotton bodysuits, between long and short sleeves;
  • 3 pairs of socks;
  • some terry panties to use as a nappy cover;
  • 4 covers to coordinate with the gaiters if necessary (comfortable trousers with feet and with an elastic waistband);
  • 4 one-piece suits in cotton, fleece or light cotton depending on the season;
  • 1 duvet with or without feet;
  • 1 openable duvet to put in the pram;
  • 1 towel (or band) for sleeping;
  • 8 cotton and sponge bibs;
  • 1 hat;
  • mittens;
  • a supply of diapers size 2-5 kg;
  • 1 mobile changing table;
  • 1 comb;
  • 1 pair of nail scissors;
  • 1 sponge cloth;
  • 1 natural bristle brush;
  • 1 bathrobe;
  • 2 mattress covers;
  • 2 double sheets;
  • 1 hypoallergenic mattress for the cot;
  • cotton and wool covers.

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