The development of the fetus between the 25th and 32th week

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The fetus between 25-28 weeks of pregnancy

Now the nerve conduction pathways already connect the eyes to the cerebral cortex. Around the 26th week the baby will open his eyelids for the first time. Even if only 1% of daylight reaches him, the child is sensitive to light. If a strong point light, such as a flashlight, is pointed at the tummy, the baby will look curiously in that direction.

Finally, he also learns the sense of pleasure. Doctors have observed through ultrasound that, when a boy sucks his thumb, the pleasure it produces causes his member to harden. 

At the end of the seventh month, the baby measures 35 to 37 centimeters and weighs roughly between 1000 and 1200 grams.

The fetus between 29 and 32 weeks of pregnancy

A thought that makes you feel calm: if the baby were to be born now he would already be able to survive with the help of medical aids. However, premature birth is quite problematic: lung maturation must be supported with drugs, the newborn is exposed to infections and should be bottle fed.

The child becomes more and more awake and reacts to external contacts. She senses when the mother gently places her hand on her stomach or when the partner gently presses on the belly with a finger. It may be that the child even "answers", pushing in turn or approaching from the inside to the point where the hand is placed.

At the end of the eighth month, the baby measures 40 to 42 centimeters and weighs between 1700 and 2000 grams.

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