The essential products for the hygiene of the newborn

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The essential products for the hygiene of the newborn

To avoid rushes at the last moment, it is good to equip yourself with everything you need for the hygiene of the newborn before giving birth. They are enough few products, chosen with care. In general, it is good to prefer cleansers and creams natural e fragrance-free, even better if biological. He talks about it in detail Silvana Parisi, childcare worker and Founder of the Puericultrici Del Paesene project.

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  • Cleansing of the private parts of the newborn
  • The essential products for baby hygiene: wipes
  • Baby bath products
  • The essential products for the hygiene of the newborn: the moisturizing creams
  • Face, eyes and nose: the care of the newborn
  • Umbilical cord and cradle cap in the newborn: how to take care of them

Cleansing of the private parts of the newborn

"The skin of the newborn is very delicate, especially in the first days of life. She should not be cleansed too much to avoid thinning the hydrolipidic film, causando dryness. When you change the diaper, if there is only pee just rinse with warm water and dry well dabbing gently. Otherwise, a diluted detergent first between the hands with water: the soap for the private parts must be as much as possible natural e little foaming. I recommend always checking the label: fewer ingredients there are better. Also avoid the presence of petrolatum, orienting you whenever possible on products biological and short term".

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The essential products for baby hygiene: wipes

"The wipes are very comfortable, but they must also be natural, water-based and free of too aggressive detergents. I recommend using them only when you are away from home. Or, at home, for eliminate residues of feces when changing the diaper, and then proceed with the washing delicate that we have described. Be careful to choose fragrance-free wipes: a marked perfume for the newborn can create olfactory interference between him or her and the mother, especially in the first days of life ".

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Baby bath products

"As for the bath, in the first months I recommend using soaps that are good for both body that for the head. When it gets a little bigger you can buy it shampoo. As regards the type of products the same attentions indicated above apply. It is not necessary to bathe the newborn tutti i giorni, but if desired, because it is a moment of sharing that calms and calms him, a pleasant ritual to share with his father, then it is better to alternate detergents with the use of rice starch o White clay diluted in water. They are natural substances fromsoothing effect that do not dry out the skin ".

The essential products for the hygiene of the newborn: the moisturizing creams

"After cleaning you can apply a very light veil di moisturizing cream. I recommend dough tozinc oxide, very effective as they create a barrier which protects the skin in case of acid manure. However, it is always better do not abound: the skin must be able breathe. In particular, the genital area of ​​newborn girls it must remain dry and clean, otherwise the residues of urine and feces mix with the cream and create an environment where bacteria can proliferate. "The ideal is therefore to protect the delicate skin of the baby but the change of the baby's diaper: just one layer thin of a product not too pasty to be applied every now and then.

"I do not recommend instead the baby powder - Silvana Parisi continues - because it can be inhaled. If so, you can replace it with theWhite clay, which, moreover, moistened with water, becomes a useful cream in case of redness (for which of course you must always ask the pediatrician for an opinion) ".

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Face, eyes and nose: the care of the newborn

"I recommend getting one, even before giving birth stock of disposable sterile gauze in cotton or non-woven fabric (10x10): they will be very useful. First of all to clean the eyes, after having moistened them with physiological solution (comes in disposable vials or in bottles to be aspirated with a syringe). With single, delicate movements an attempt is made to remove the ocular discharge. A new garzina must be used for each eye. This cleansing can also be daily. The nose it can always be cleaned with the physiological solution: special products are available on the market tipsy that suck the mucous, very practical to use just for the nose wash. An important procedure, especially if you live in areas polluted. Finally the ears: cotton swab it is used only and exclusively to remove impurities from external pavilion. The visible part of the inner zone can be reached once again with one rolled gauze to remove earwax secretions, but without going deep. If it's a little girl, you can go deeper. "

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Umbilical cord and cradle cap in the newborn: how to take care of them

"At the end of the bath thehanging of the umbilical cord it should be dried very well, dabbing it. If in the first few days there is still one secretion of blood and serum used a disinfectant that does not burn and wrap one at the base garza sterile dry. Then lift the armpits and dab the folds under the neck, arms and legs. We must not leave residue di water. If there are any remains of milk crust, apply a little before the bath almond oil cold-pressed desserts fragrance-free to soften it. Then move on to normal washing and use the special comb, but without insisting to eliminate it: it will go away by itself when the time comes "

The interviewee

Silvana Parisi she is a pediatrician and founder of the Del Paesene Puericultrici project. She is the mother of two boys, she specializes in assisting parenting and child 0/3 and 3/12 years.

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