The first time I saw my son

Here is your dad

I nervously walk up and down the corridor in front of the delivery room playing with my mobile phone and in five seconds my life changes: suddenly a cry that I would recognize in a thousand, the phone falls from my hand and the door to the delivery room opens at the same time . It is the midwife who beckons me to enter: Leonardo was born.

In a whirlwind of sounds and voices I see my baby being quickly washed, weighed and checked by a bevy of nurses. Blinding light, two drops of eye drops in the eyes, a tube in the mouth, a quick medication on the navel and the crowd of people in the room disappears.

The child is delivered to me covered by a cloth, the lights go out and in a soft, silent and peaceful half-light we are left alone for the first time. And frankly I don't know which of the two is more terrified.

Whether yours is a natural birth or a caesarean as in my case, it is certain that the birth of your son or daughter is an emotion that you will never forget ...

Everything begins like this, with an incredible series of emotions: a great journey that mum and dad will share, each bringing its own peculiar characteristics. Strength, dexterity, lightheartedness for the father, infinite care and sweetness for the mother. Birth and pregnancy have historically been considered "exclusively feminine moments" but this philosophy has shown its limits and medicine and society today are realizing it. In fact, while the medical team is taking care of my wife, the baby is entrusted to her father and in a few moments we will reunite all three. In these episodes we want to share the steps of this long journey from the point of view of fathers: with a child there is so much to do and learn!

Don't forget your camera!

It sounds a bit trashy to focus on photos in such an important and emotional moment but it is precisely to remember these last ones that two photos are necessary. A small camera in your pocket allows you to take some photos the first moment we are all together, because, whether we like it or not, after years only the moments of which some photographic trace remains are limpid and crystalline in our mind. So, with delicacy and discretion, take some shots of these sweet moments.

Three days fly by

If yours was a natural birth, you stay in the hospital for three / four days, in case of a caesarean section one more day. Enjoy these first moments with your son / daughter in a safe and secure environment where any need is handled promptly. Start taking care of the baby right away and ask the nurserywomen for guidance on how to change the diaper, how to take a bath and if your wife is not breastfeeding, how to prepare the bottles.

The father is responsible for managing friends and relatives, who will arrive in the hospital as hordes. The child is very delicate in these first days, so direct contact must be avoided, perhaps with those who have a cold or have just got off the subway. How to do? Tip: when the visiting time comes, take the baby to the nursery, the room with the glass. Everyone can greet and admire the baby, celebrate, mess and congratulate and you have a terrific excuse to keep him safe ...

The next episode

The last days in the hospital: the boring question of documents and then off, home!

See you soon!


Who is the author of the blog

Alessandro Casnedi is the webmaster, he has been passionate about motorcycles since he was ten, about motor boats and ... sweets. But he only eats in the office because his better half keeps him stint (sssssshhh don't spy).

His most recurring phrase: “Since Leonardo has been around, nothing is the same anymore. " The little one (born December 23, 2022) gave him a perennial smile printed on his lips, a few hours of less sleep at night, but several more decibels of tolerance for the most chaotic colleagues!

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